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How do you collect signatures in your organization and from your customers and/or suppliers? Do you still sign documents on paper?

With the ValidSign platform, it’s easy to speed up your business processes by automating signing. Preparing a transaction to allow people inside or outside your organization to sign documents is easy. Simply add the document/documents, the (external) signers, and the verification method and start the transaction. The signers will receive a notification to view and digitally sign the document. Easy and secure, in the most trusted Cloud.


ValidSign’s hosted service allows you to invite other people to easily and securely sign documents on any device. Your documents are easily signed within a fraction of time compared to pen and paper. By utilizing Valid Sign, sign reduces the errors and strengthen your legal and compliance position with the most extensive electronic evidence. Archiving can be performed automatically in your archive.

With over 50 standard integrations
(connectors) it is possible to easily sign documents in your own application. ValidSign for instance offers a connector for OpenText, SAP, IBM, Sharepoint, Nintex, K2, Salesforce, Word, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.


Serve your customers digitally without asking them to print, scan and return the signed documents. Your customers will immediately experience the ease of use. The signed contract will be returned and properly archived after the transaction has been completed. Due to the increasing demands and expectations of the customer, companies have to invest in initiatives for customer experience. A recent Forrester study found that 92 percent of the companies see customer experience as a top priority. So why are so many companies struggling to plan and execute their customer experience initiatives?