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eSigning benefits

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Accelerate your business

The process of having documents signed on paper is extremely time-consuming. From the printing to the scanning and follow-ups, this process can demotivate employees and customers.

The esignature solution from ValidSign can help accelerate your business by reducing the time spend on paperwork, automate the signing process and letting the employees spend time on important tasks that profits the business.

Through the ValidSign dashboard, users can easily prepare internal and external transactions, set a signing order, attach additional documentation and set reminders to allow documents to be signed without any delay. A user-friendly and fully cloud based e-signing solution at your fingertips!

Simplify the Signing Process

By using a e-signature, your documents can be legally signed within a fraction of time compared to on paper. By implementing an e-signature in your document process, you will reduce human error, shorten the turn-around-time and strengthen your compliance.

With more than 50 standard integrations, ValidSign makes it possible to easily sign documents in your own application landscape. With integrations like OpenText, SAP, IBM, Sharepoint, Nintex, K2, Salesforce, Word, Microsoft Dynamics, your document process can be digitalized from the initial document creation, to the end filing.

Improve Customer Experience

ValidSigns e-signature provides many advantages, and the most important could be the improvement of customer experience. Don’t let your customers or suppliers go through the hassle of signing your documents manually. Make it easy by having the entire process digital so that with one click, they can sign.

Make doing business with you easy by streamlining the signing process to avoid any huddles or human errors that could create negative impressions.