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pkigovernment professional certificates

PKIO for notaries, accountants and lawyers

Apply for, renew or replace professional certificates

Applying for, renewing or replacing PKIgovernment Professional certificates consists of the following steps.

Preparation: registration with your professional association

The application process is the same for all professional certificates. Only the registration with your professional association differs. This registration is required to apply for a Professional Certificate.

Registration of professional association for Accountants

To apply for, renew or replace professional certificates for Accountants, you must be registered in the audit register of the Royal Dutch Professional Association of Accountants(NBA). KPN will request proof of registration from the NBA.

Registration of professional association for bailiffs

To apply for, renew or replace professional certificates for bailiffs, you will need proof of your registration from the Royal Professional Association of Bailiffs(KBvG). Proof of registration must meet the following requirements:
1. Original proof of registration is a report issued by the administrator of the register (KBvG).
2. Proof must be printed on kbvg stationery with either a certified stamp or a “wet” signature of a competent staff member.

Registration of professional association for Notaries

In order to apply for or renew a professional certificate as a notary, you must be registered in the register of the Royal Notarial Professional Association(KNB)with the correct description of your profession.

Fill out web form

Fill out the application form for the application of a PKIgovernment Professional Certificate including subscriber registration.

Start application pkigovernment Professional certificates at KPN


A detailed explanation and submission instruction can be found here: Explanation application professional certificate

Sign and submit application form

The completed and signed application form can be sent to KPN with a copy of a valid ID. You have two options;

Option 1: Electronically sign and submit the application

KPN, as the existing holder of a KPN PKI government, offers you the possibility to renew your certificate in a highly simplified way. Choosing this option means: Simplicity: In a very simple way, you can electronically sign and upload the application form; Convenience: You can complete the request from your workplace. In many cases, making an identification appointment is no longer necessary; Security: The risk of delay or disappearance of your application form during post processing between you and KPN has been eliminated.

Option 2: Submit request on paper by mail

Choose this option if you do not yet have a professional certificate from KPN or are not able to submit the application electronically.

  • Print the PDF form on blank A4 paper;
  • Sign the form;
  • Send the form to:

To the attention of the Validation Department 
PO Box 1082

Personal identification

You must be personally identified and receive a request by e-mail to make an appointment for identification online. You can determine your own location and time of identification. Identification is completely free of charge at any location in the Netherlands, except the Wadden Islands.

Production and issuance

After the identification has taken place, your application will be further processed. KPN then produces the Professional Certificates if all checks have been successfully carried out.

  • You will receive professional certificates on a smart card or USB token at your home address;
  • You will be asked by email to confirm the receipt of the smart card or USB token;
  • You will receive the corresponding PIN code at your business address. This requires a successful confirmation of receipt of the smart card or USB token.


The correct operation of PKIgovernment Personal certificates requires installation of software. Information about this will be received when issuing the smart card or USB token.



In some cases, it is necessary to revoke a certificate before the end of the period of validity. Learn more about how to revoke a certificate and when it’s required.

Renew or replace

The timely renewal of a certificate is necessary in order to be able to make use of the possibilities offered by a PKIgovernment Professional Certificate. The process for renewing a certificate is equal to an initial application.

More than two months before the period of validity of a certificate has expired, the Certificate Holder receives an e-mail to indicate the impending progress of the certificate. If necessary, two more reminder emails will follow.