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pki government certificates

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Rates pkigovernment certificates

In the overview below you will find the current price list for PKIgovernment certificates from ValidSign via KPN. The rates depend on the duration of a certificate. All rates listed are in Euro and excluding VAT.

PKI government Server Certificates 1 year 2 years 3 years
Standard server certificate (initial purchase) 299,00 449,00
Standard server certificate (refresh) 399,00
EV SSL server certificate (initial purchase) 799,00
EV SSL server certificate (refresh) 749,00
PKIgovernment PRIVATE server certificate 599,00
Additional domain in (Default/EV SSL/Private) server certificate by domain 129,00 149,00 199,00
PKIgovernment Passes (Smartcard) 3 years 5 years
Personal certificates 390,00 520,00
Professional certificates 450,00 580,00
Group certificates 765,00
Additional Rate
One-time PKIgovernment Subscriber registration 0,00
Additional costs smartcard reader 35,00
Additional cost USB token 35,00
Premium Package Additional Price (Server Certificates/SBR Only) 60,00
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  • The maximum duration of the certificates is captured in the regulations for PKIgovernment certificates. This is why certain product/maturity combinations are not available.
  • As of March 1, 2018, Server Certificates will have a maximum allowable duration of 2 years. Server certificates with a duration of 1 year are only possible under the KPN G2 CA.
  • For passes and server certificates, your organization must be registered as a subscriber of kpn’s PKI government service once. Currently ValidSign/KPN does not charge for a subscriber registration.
  • Group certificates are temporarily unavailable.