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Google Docs Connector

With the ValidSign add-on you can send out a sign request directly within Google Docs, without leaving Google Docs. On this page we briefly explain how to easily add the add-on to your Google Docs account and send a document for signature. 

Installing the ValidSign add-on

You can install the ValidSign add-on in a few simple steps.

  • When you are working within your Google Docs document, click “Add-ons”at the top of the taskbar. A menu unfolds in which you can choose “Add add-ons”.


  • Then you arrive in the Google Workspace Marketplace where you can find the ValidSign add-on by typing in the ValidSign search bar.


  • Click on the ValidSign logo to open the add-on and click on “Install”.


  • A screen appears stating that you must give ValidSign permission to start the installation and that you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. To continue click on “Continue”.
  • Select your Google account if prompted, and then click “Allow.”


  • Click on “Done” and the ValidSign Google Docs Add-on is successfully installed!

*Note: After installing, it is best to reload the page by clicking on the link and entering or by pressing the reload arrow next to the link in the browser.



Using the ValidSign Add-on

Enthusiastic and ready to sign directly from Google Docs? Let’s get to work!

  • From the document, go to the taskbar and click on: “Add-ons” — > “ValidSign” — > “Start”. *State does not start? Recharge the browser by clicking on the round arrow next to the link page. If it is good, the option “Start” is then included.


  • The ValidSign login screen opens. Sign in with your ValidSign account information.


  • After you are logged in, you will be given three options that you can choose to sign a document. Namely: Who is going to sign this transaction? Just you, you and others or just others? Choose the option that suits you.


  • In the next screen you can enter the details of the signer(s). Your own details are already filled in under “Owner”. You want more than one other signer? Then click on “Add Signer” and fill in the details. When you’re done adding the signers, click: “Next”.


  • Finally, you can come up with a transaction name for your signing transaction. Here you can also turn the signing order off or on. Before you can open the document you could open the Designer, here you can determine the specific place of signing for the different signers. To send the transaction, click on: “Send transaction”.


Congratulations! The transaction has been sent, the signers receive a sign request via email, and you can track the signing process through your ValidSign Dashboard.



If it still doesn’t work out, you can always contact support@validsign.eu.