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ValidSign helps you eliminate the tedious, time-consuming tasks of printing, faxing, emailing and scanning. Going digital saves time, reduces errors and maintains the security of sensitive information. Streamlined workflows increase efficiency by providing citizens, businesses, and internal stakeholders with a digital user experience they expect – viewing and signing documents electronically at ease, from the device of their choice.


From your portal, from the email or directly on an Ipad simply legally sign the contract.

pkio certificates

ValidSign is an official Reseller of KPN PKIo certificates. You can also contact ValidSign for your PKI government certificates.

all business processes

The ValidSign platform is an Enterprise solution that integrates with more than 50 applications.

leases simply signed

Have multi-person rental or purchase agreements signed by multiple people in one location? It often takes time to get several people together, causing process delay. Through the digital signature solution, anyone can sign separately. Legally valid, simple and fast. Process acceleration guaranteed.

ValidSign is actively used by housing associations, foundations, associations and real estate companies. Rental or purchase contracts can still be signed more quickly and easily by multiple signatories through the electronic signature. Paper is superfluous; all signers can sign place and time independently legally from their PC, tablet or mobile device, with or without sign order. Both useful for the organization and the tenant. Tenants no longer have to come to the office or any other location just to place the “wet” signature. Contracts are completed more quickly, enabling processes to be initiated more quickly.

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The advantages


  • Easy and legally valid to sign in your own application (e.g. Aareon, Centric, SharePoint)
  • Be able to sign directly within all major file types and widely used applications, such as Adobe Reader (pdf), Microsoft Word, Excel, and SharePoint.
  • Complete decare of DELIVERY PKI-O to implementation

Success story

O2 Accountants likes to tell how ValidSign supports their organization to better organize processes with ValidSign.