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ValidSign for government

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ValidSign helps you eliminate the tedious, time-consuming tasks of printing, faxing, emailing and scanning. Digital signing saves time, reduces errors and maintains the security of sensitive information. Streamlined workflows increase efficiency by providing citizens, businesses, and internal stakeholders with a digital user experience they expect – viewing and signing documents electronically at ease, from the device of their choice.

kitchen table talks

On the basis of the (kitchen table) interview, the consultant (on the spot) makes a report to be signed which can be signed safely digitally.

pkio certificates

ValidSign is an official Reseller of KPN PKIo certificates. You can also contact ValidSign for your PKI government certificates.

all business processes

The ValidSign platform is an Enterprise solution that integrates with more than 50 applications.

The case file in order

Municipalities, provinces and other government agencies have invested in expensive business automation solutions to streamline processes, improve efficiency and save costs. These automated processes are taken advantage of to the point where paper needs to be used again to collect handwritten signatures. This significantly reduces the value of automation. The latter often turns out to be a process that remains unnecessary.

government agencies trust ValidSign


The advantages


  • Easy and legalto sign in your DMS or case system (e.g. Corsa, iBabs, Centric, SharePoint)
  • Be able to sign directly within all major file types and widely used applications, such as Adobe Reader (pdf), Microsoft Word, Excel, and SharePoint.
  • Complete decare of DELIVERY PKI-O to implementation

Success story

City of Utrecht on the municipality-wide use of digital signing with ValidSign