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ValidSign helps you eliminate the tedious, time-consuming tasks of printing, faxing, emailing and scanning. Going digital saves time, reduces errors and maintains the security of sensitive information. Streamlined workflows increase efficiency by providing citizens, businesses, and internal stakeholders with a digital user experience that meets their expectations. Viewing and signing documents easily electronically, from the device of their choice.


From your portal, from an email or directly on an Ipad simply legally sign the form or agreement.

pkio certificates

ValidSign is an official Reseller of KPN PKIo certificates. You can also contact ValidSign for your PKI government certificates.

all business processes

The ValidSign platform is an Enterprise solution that integrates with more than 50 applications.

forms simply signed

An employment contract, an internship agreement or a consent form for parents of minor children digitally sign has many advantages. By having these documents signed digitally, the lead time is shortened; documents are signed within a day or a few days instead of weeks. In addition, signed documents can be archived more easily and your administration is fully in order. The various actions such as printing, scanning and storage are eliminated by digital signing.

Make sure that the focus on education remains and administration of signed documents takes little more time. The digital signature solution accelerates your process and allows you to handle everything digitally.

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The advantages

  • Start immediately and quickly and easily send out standard documents using templates you can create
  • Save costs by eliminating the need for printing, faxing, scanning, physical archiving and mail shipping
  • Increase efficiency by easily sending reminders and ensuring that, for example, the sign-up process is faster
  • Keep track and control by seeing the status of each signature at all times
  • Improve your service to your students by providing an easy and clear way of signing
  • Reduce risks such as the discharge of documentation, and the possibility of committing fraud due to audit capabilities

Success story

O2 Accountants likes to tell how ValidSign supports their organization to better organize processes with ValidSign.