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ValidSign for Banks and Insurances

No more policies on paper? Let the customer sign by one click?

Validsign improves customer experience

Sustainability is an important objective in banking and insurance. Because customers and employees can arrange many things online, full digitalization is getting closer. These automated processes are taken advantage of to the point where processes slow down, when paper needs to be used again to collect handwritten (and therefore legally valid) signatures. This significantly reduces the value of automation.

sustainability is top priority

Seamless integration with your business process(s) documents digitally and legally sign and
digitally archive.

Process online customer requests directly, because the customer can also sign digitally, reducing the physical actions required to complete a request.

Trees saved


Requests processed much faster

In order to be able to fully digitalize, a legally valid digital signature is a necessity, for example processing online applications, drawing quotes, financing deeds and insurance policies. Because ValidSign offers the possibility to sign both internally but in this case also externally digitally and legally, the wet signature is no longer necessary. Zo worden (online) aanvragen sneller verwerkt, gaan bank- en verzekeringswezen van papierintensief naar papierloos en komen duurzaamheidsdoelstellingen steeds dichterbij.