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From signing to depositing with ValidSign

No more unnecessarily chasing

ValidSign allows accountants and tax specialists to obtain necessary signatures faster than ever before while still meeting strict legal requirements. You can now get documents signed back within hours – not days or weeks

Accountancy firms trust ValidSign


Accountancy firms trust ValidSign

the No.1 solution in accountancy

ValidSign serves thousands of firms in Europe and that number is growing every week. ValidSign provides a complete solution for both filing annual accounts and signing contract confirmations, HR documents and confidentiality statements.

SBR Assurance

With the SBR Assurance Module you can deposit your annual pieces with the Chamber of Commerce. Also seamlessly integrated with PinkWeb, CaseWare and Unit4.

pkio professional certificates

ValidSign is an official Reseller of KPN PKIo certificates. You can also contact ValidSign directly for your professional certificates.

all business processes

The ValidSign platform is an Enterprise solution that integrates with more than 50 applications.

ValidSign and sbr assurance

ValidSign has developed a module for the Accountancy industry to safely apply Linking & Signing to sign XBRL documents with professional certificate. This solution is seamlessly integrated with various applications including UNIT4 SBR Manager.

The SBR programme has established rules for the digital delivery of annual accounts, tax returns, as well as for the sales tax return (OB), intra-Community performance (ICP) or deliveries (ICL).

Adding a signature plate or a simple electronic signature is no longer allowed to deliver digitally. In order to be able to work digitally, an actual replacement of the ‘wet signature’ is required by a digital legally valid signature.

Success story

O2 Accountants likes to tell how ValidSign helps their organisation to better organize processes.