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What was the problem?
Wortell is a Microsoft service provider in Azure, SharePoint, and Office 365. The sales team consists of many account managers who serve both new customers and existing customers.

Previously, contracts were sent by email and it was unclear what the status of a contract was. A customer had to print, sign, scan the contract and then return it. The signed contract was then manually stored in the digital customer file. A labour-intensive process in which it was often forgotten to save the signed contract. This therefore caused a delay in the financial settlement. Especially when you consider that it’s 50 to 100 contracts a month.

What was the solution?
Wortell uses ValidSign to legally and digitally sign documents, in combination with the ValidSign connector for SharePoint Online. From SharePoint Online, a new contract is created and stored in the customer file. Through the ribbon, a contract can be signed and sent directly to the customer. The customer receives the digital contract and can easily sign it online. If necessary, this person can also proceed with the contract to his/her manager. Once the contract is signed, it is automatically placed in the digital file.

What is the result?
Because contracts are now signed digitally and legally validly, the status of contracts is always known. In addition, a minimum of 10 minutes of time is saved per contract because fewer manual actions are required. This reduces the time to sign contracts, allowing Wortell’s account managers to serve more customers.

Wortell’s account managers are now able to send contracts both in the office and on the go and see the status. Because of validsign’s great success, Wortell has incorporated the digital signature into its own products and offers it to its own customers. In the future, other departments will also use ValidSign, including HR.