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The Municipality of Opmeer has made its final choice to sign digitally with ValidSign in November 2019. It will use the digital signature solution to optimize multiple internal processes. The local goverment of Opmeer has several reasons why it has chosen ValidSign “It is a user-friendly tool with which one can sign a legally valid signature. This is not only pleasant for the employees but also for digitizing the entire process”, says the Information Architect at the Municipality of Opmeer. The fact that ValidSign is a SAAS solution also weighted heavily in the choice. They wil use the DMS system My Corsa NXT. The integration with ValidSign offers the municipality of Opmeer the opportunity to digitally sign its documents in My Corsa NXT in order to create a fully streamlined workflow.

The municipality is currently still in the testing phase in which not only the solution is tested but also the different departments are questioned in order to determine potential processes where ValidSign could be used. After this, the selected processes will only be finalised and the municipality of Opmeer can finally start validsign.