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Deventer, 10 August 2020 – ValidSign has partnered up with the specialist in SBR/XBRL and customer portals, CreAim. The integration between CreAim and ValidSign makes it possible to legally sign documents from the CreAim customer portal in a quick and familiar way.

John Lageman, Director at ValidSign: “We are an Enterprise solution and strive to give customers a
streamlined signing process. Like ValidSign, CreAim has a strong presence in the
Accountancy market and the integration of ValidSign with CreAim allows us to help our customers
be of better service.”

Martijn Boshuis, Managing Director at CreAim says: “ValidSign’s signing solution was the
missing link within our customer portal. We continuously innovate and improve our products
so that accountants can go through their processes as efficiently as possible. The digital signature is
such an innovation.”.

The digital signature contributes greatly to professionalisation
ValidSign’s digital signature solution accelerates business processes by
automating document signing. The digital signing of an agreement is done through a
secure environment and is fully legally valid. ValidSign is the market leader in the field of digital
signing in the benelux and more than 1000 organisations are currently signing their
documents with ValidSign. By using ValidSign, signing errors are reduced and strengthens the legal and
compliance position. With this solution, documents can be accessed from any mobile device
and by multiple people are signed digitally. More information: https://www.validsign.nl.

About CreAim
Since 2001, CreAim has only one goal: to improve your communication and online
cooperation with your customers. We innovate and we continuously improve and we do everything we can to
provide you with a safe and user-friendly portal. Our strength is the unique combination of
innovative power, market knowledge and technological knowledge. CreAim is a specialist in the field of
SBR/XBRL, customer portals and digital signing. We supply SBR Assurance modules,
customer portals and signing software to accounting firms, accounting firms,
tax advisors, bailiffs, notaries and payroll processors. In the meantime,
more than 1500 offices and 135,000 end users have used CreAim software. With
more than 15 specialists who daily support our customers and continuously put our products
to the test. Sometimes we expand the software, but other times we simplify it again.
We always look at the safety, reliability and privacy protection of our