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Unleash your firm’s true potential- 6 reasons to implement e-signatures in your accountancy business

Within accountancy firms, there are a great number of documents in circulation. No matter if it’s an internal or external document, it’s important for to be able to have insight into these document flows.

With the help of various software aimed at the accounting market, accountants can digitally deliver and receive documents from customers and colleagues. But still, when it comes to the last step in the process, the actual signing the document, is still done manually in many organizations.

Here are the 6 main reasons for your firm to implement e-signatures into your document flow:

1. Shortens turn-around time

You have probably experienced it, the agreement has already been orally settled and “it just needs to be signed”. The old signing process where all signatures must be put on paper can sometimes take days or even weeks, depending on the number of internal and external signatories. A contract is drafted, printed, signed internally, scanned, sent by email or post to external signatories, who then would need to take the same actions. Keeping this old process in mind, using an e-signature solution could shorten the process time by up to 80%!

With a digital signing process, you only add the documents, the signatories, verification method and then the transaction can start. The signatories receive a notification to view and digitally sign the document. A platform like ValidSign makes it possible to sign anywhere, no matter time or device, meaning that documents can be signed within minutes instead of days or weeks.

2. Enhances document security

Using an e-signature to sign your documents will lower the risk of document tampering as it uses cryptographic certificates that shows if the document is in its original state or not.

When using an e-signature solution, you ensure that the document that was sent for signing is the one that was actually signed, and no changes were made to it. This could easily be done when sending a regular digital document for manual signing.

When using an e-signature solution, the signing data, such as the name and email address of the signer, including the time and date of signing are recorded.

This also makes the electronic version nonchargeable and legally binding. Depending on the needs regarding the burden of proof, you can also use additional verification methods such as a TAN code via SMS or bank authentication. 

3. Improves compliance

An e-signature solution uses encryption and authentication methods to verify the signer’s identity, this together with the timestamp provides an audit trail that can be used to determine who signed the document and when. By providing this auditable record, the e-signature ensures that the document is signed in a secure and compliant manner, which will help businesses comply with industry rules and regulations.

4. Improves the control over document flows

With the e-signature platform, you no longer need to waste time trying to figure out who still needs to sign the document. On the dashboard, you manage all incoming and outgoing transactions, and you can directly see the status.

It’s also possible to set up reminders for the document to be signed in a timely manner.

5. Increases customer satisfaction

An e-signature solution makes signing easier and more convenient for your customers, compared to traditional signatures. This will help improve your customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Cheaper than the “on paper” signature

When you compare digital signing to the regular “on paper” signature, many people are surprised what it costs to actually sign on paper!

The costs for printing, the papery, delivery and storing the documents are quite substantial. Additionally, you should consider the time it takes for employees to handle the documents and the process in full, including follow-ups, reviewing the received document and forwarding into the next signer. Knowing that you can make the process up to 80% more efficient, you probably agree that the e-signature solution will pay for itself in no time!


Improve your turn-around time by streamlining your document process with ValidSign

 Through ValidSign’s standard integrations, the e-signing solution can be easily integrated with your current business systems. And with the mobile app, you can control the process and sign from anywhere and at any time!

It’s a fully cloud-based solution with a user-friendly interface, where you can profit from features like flexible workflows, audit trails, branded templates, and server possibilities.

Security is our highest priority, and by using the Netherlands most trusted data center, KPN hosting, we can ensure our clients that ValidSign complies with all current and new European data protection regulations through strict security and procedures.

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