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Tilburg University has taken a major step in digitizing its processes by implementing ValidSigns e-signing solution.
Validsign makes document processing and acceptance easier as it allows documents to be easily signed electronically. Thanks to this partnership, the students and employees at Tilburg University can securely sign their digital documents from SAP SuccessFactors. In this Case Study, we will explain further how this collaboration works and what the benefits have for Tilburg University.

“Serving society and making it better for its citizens”, that’s what drives Tilburg University. The university’s founder, Martinus Cobbenhagen, believed that anyone who wants to understand society must be actively and consciously involved in it. This philosophy still forms the base of the organization today.

Tilburg University is originally a catholic and as one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands, it celebrated its 95th anniversary in 2022.

With more than 20,000 students and 1,500 employees in 2021, numerous internal, but also external documents are signed yearly. A large number of these documents are now digitally signed, thanks to its collaboration with ValidSign that started in 2019.

Process efficiency

Tilburg University came to ValidSign through the DMS supplier HuRis. HuRis is one of ValidSign’s partners that offers its customers the e-signing solution integrated with SAP SuccessFactors. This way, Tilburg University digitizes the entire process from creating the document, to digitally signing it and then directly storing it on their HR portal.

The main reason for incorporating the e-signature into their process was to increase the efficiency of these processes. Maurice Driessen, project & information manager at Tilburg University says: “Previously, signing an employment contract or parental leave letter could take days. In fact, almost all HR documents have to be legally signed by our directors and/or the (future) employees. These signatories are often not in the same place, at the same time and for this reason, the documents were often carried from signer to signer by mail or a courier. With ValidSign you can sign, anywhere and at any time, so the signing process is now handled within minutes.”


With ValidSign, the security of signing, and the confidentiality of handling personal data is perfectly guaranteed. Driessen says: “By adding multifactor authentication to the signing request, the identity of the signer can be verified, and we know for sure who is signing. Additionally, a complete audit trail is reflected in the proof document, which is made available in ValidSign immediately after the signing is completed.”

Currently, all HR documents requiring a legal signature are digitally signed with ValidSign. This is approximately 7,000 documents on a yearly basis!


“Additionally, ValidSign provides better control of document flows, and the platform’s dashboard shows all outstanding signature requests with its status. By having this feature, we save a lot of time wondering and checking where in the signing process the document currently is. And if someone, for example, forgets to sign, the reminder schedule can send out a reminder with another request to sign the document. Which helps us to get the documents signed faster.” says Driessen.


Digital signing is now a requirement for the future development within Tilburg University. End users are very satisfied with using the e-signing solution. According to Driessen; “our colleagues experience the platform as user-friendly and thanks to the integration with SAP SuccessFactors, it ensures a fully streamlined process, from generating a document, to (multiple) signing and automated storage on the HR portal!”

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