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The ValidScan: More success with a blueprint for your organization

We’re introducing a new service where ValidSign is going through your organization and streamlining and accelerating the sign-up process for you. On the basis of a QuickScan from your organization, a strategy is devised which is implemented with customized consultancy.
Because of our experience within the municipal market and knowledge of digital signing, we can fully digitize the signing process within your organization in a short time. With the ValidScan, validsign takes care of the implementation in addition to the research and strategy.

The ValidScan consists of the following components:
1. The quickscan: a short research within your organization in which the most important opportunities, bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement are identified.
2. The blueprint: the strategy by which the identified opportunities, bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement are seized.
3. Consultancy: The strategy is strongholded and implemented with the right service from ValidSign.

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