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Since July this year, end users can digitally sign from the familiar environment of Google Docs without having to leave the environment. With the integration it is possible to log in to your ValidSign account within the Google Docs environment. You create a document in Google Docs, select the signers, and send the document for signature. The integration speeds up the signing process and simplifies the steps.

The ValidSign for Google Docs connector has several interesting functionalities. The connector supports text tags so you don’t have to decide where to place a signature every time. These text tags are pieces of text that are included in the document, which allow ValidSign to place the signature fields in the correct place in the document. If the formatting of the document changes, the text tag changes with the formatting of the document. The ValidSign- Google Docs connector has been further expanded so that users can digitally sign even more pleasantly and efficiently. Here are the latest features:

  • Use of templates;
  • Modified User Interface;
  • Remembering login details;
  • Use of SMS authentication.

With templates it is possible to use the standard documents and standard signing order, directly from the Google Docs integration. You can now use your purchase form, payroll tax form or general terms and conditions document that are laid down in a template. The integration shows all your own and the shared templates and also shows you which documents are in the template once it is selected. The user interface has been changed in terms of look and feel, making the integration even more user-friendly. The integration now also has a reminder function so that you can be automatically logged in when you come back at a later time to use the integration. Finally, it is now possible to use sms authentication to know with more certainty that the right signer is signing the document.

Would you like to know more about this integration and what it will bring to your organization? Please contact info@validsign.nl.