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We are continuously improving and expanding our solution to provide the best possible service to our customers. As an integration specialist, we develop new integrations every quarter and the Google Docs add-on is one of them. From July 1, all ValidSign users can sign their documents directly in the Google Docs environment, without having to leave the platform. With the integration it is possible to log in to ValidSign within the Google Docs environment. You draft a document in Google Docs, select the signers and prepare the document for signature. The integration speeds up the signing process and eases the steps.

The Google Docs add-on has more interesting functionalities. The connector supports text tags and templates, so you don’t have to decide where to place a signature every time. The text tag is simply a typed piece of code that recognizes the signing solution and sees that a signature of, for example, the first signer must be placed. In addition, you can choose who has to sign, just you, you and others or just others. As usual, you can also determine the signing order right away.

Would you like to know more about this integration and what it will bring to your organization? We regularly organize webinars for the Google Docs add-on, among others. You can also immediately try the add-on, with the instructions you can read how to install and use the add-on.

If you have any other questions, you can always contact us at info@validsign.nl.