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The future of HR: how digital solutions are changing the game

The 5 reasons why you should digitalize your HR processes today!

Today’s hybrid workplaces, home offices, and the increasing need for being more efficient, have driven the last year’s developments within the HR department. 

The need for digitalizing internal processes and workflows, most importantly within the HR department, has increased during and after the pandemic. 

The demand and expectations on the HR department has never been as high as it is today.

Digital transformation is therefore a must for each organization, to streamline the processes and create an efficient workplace where valuable time is freed up for dealing with more strategic tasks but also for investing in employee wellbeing and growth.

The importance of digital transformation within the HR department

The HR department is the heart of an organization, while you need to look after the organization’s goals and needs, you need to balance these with the ones of its employees. Stimulated and happy employees produce better results, but also attracts like-minded talent to the business.

There is therefore a need for focusing more time on strategizing and recruiting, but also developing and keeping your current employees satisfied. By digitalizing tedious tasks and paperwork, you will free up important time that can be invested in just that.

Keeping in mind a growing younger workforce that is increasingly technology driven and in search for freedom and flexibility, it has become a must for each business to drive digital transformation to be able to attract and keep this younger talent.

At the same time, you are also creating a scalable business where the internal workflow can fit and grow with the demand of the growing business.

So, digitalize your HR processes today! Here are the 5 reasons why:

1. Improves efficiency and enables a hybrid working environment 

When replacing mostly inefficient manual processes and document handling with digital ones, the greatest return on investment will be time and flexibility. Time to work on more important tasks and priorities, and the flexibility to do it from your home office when you want or need.
Employees can easily and securely access, and submit documents, fill in forms and sign off on approvals. Studies has shown that incorporating for example a digital signing solution can improve document turnaround time by up to 80%!

2. Reduces human errors and delays

We are only humans, right? Meaning that we all make mistakes, and with the growing amount of work and deadlines that all employees experience, we all run the risk of making mistakes or overlooking certain aspect of the job.

Manual paperwork and documentation can also lead to delays in regular processes as reminders are either non existing or also manual. So having for example a document signed can take weeks depending on the availability of the persons involved. By digitalizing your processes, you can automate and create reminders, follow-ups and other time saving initiatives that will shorten delays and minimize the human error.

3. Saves you money

Digitalizing your processes and documentation will save you money on supplies that is usually connected to paperwork, like paper, ink and other general office supplies.

You will also save money in connection to storing the documents, you would need both space and capacity for the growing amount of paperwork.
And don’t forget that time is money! Digitalizing your processes will save you time that can be better utilized on tasks that will support company growth.

4. Improves document security and compliance

Having your HR documents processed through a safe and secure digital platform, instead of physical documents circulating in the office or on the street, will improve compliance across the board. In addition to the possibility of having your brand reputation hurt, noncompliance is proven to increase the risk of threats like cyber-attacks and other similar data breaches. By digitalizing the document process with a cloud-based solution is critical for safekeeping sensitive information and ensure your organization’s continuity.

5. Boosts employee morale and growth

By digitalizing your processes, your HR department will get more time to focus on what is important for the growth of the business, the wellbeing of the employees! The department will have time for development meetings, trainings, and recruitment of new personnel, which is essential for the future success of the business.

For employees to have their voice heard and getting the training they want but also need, will increase their satisfaction and morale, that will in turn also attract new talent to join the team!

Digitalize the signing process with ValidSign’s e-signing solution

Daily tedious tasks like processing paperwork, waiting for signatures, and completing forms is not only time-consuming but also frustrating.

Processes like onboarding and contract management can be digitalized by incorporating an e-signing solution in your current workflow, keeping all the documentation digital throughout the process.

Through our standard integrations, the e-sigining solution can be easily integrated with your current HR system. With the mobile app, you can control the process and sign from anywhere and at any time!

It’s a fully cloud-based solution with a user-friendly interface, where you can profit from features like flexible workflows, audit trails, branded templates, and server possibilities.

Security is our highest priority, and by using the Netherlands most trusted data center, KPN hosting, we can ensure our clients that ValidSign complies with all current and new European data protection regulations through strict security and procedures.

Want to know more about how ValidSign’s e-signing solution can be implemented in your organization’s HR workflow?

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