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Sustainable care at Radboud University Medical Center

As the world increasingly turns to digital solutions to streamline operations and reduce costs, one of the most important aspects to consider is sustainability.

This article will discuss how one of the Netherlands biggest University Hospitals, RadboudUMC has implemented the e-signature into their document flow, how they have benefited from ValidSign’s sustainable e-signature solution and how it can help you improve your care operations!

As a part of the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres, Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen educates yearly more than 3,000 students in medicine, nursing and biomedical sciences. Additionally, RadboudUMC has 1065 beds and more than 10,000 employees.

As a result of the corona crisis, the number of beds and staff have increased and in order to keep up with the need and demand from patients, the organization took the step to digitalize its processes and the University Medical Centre is now working more digitally than ever before!

Shortened turnaround time on contracts

After conducting a market research, RadboudUMC put out a tender to be able to choose the right e-signing platform, and the main reason for wanting to incorporate an e-signature in the organization was to shorten the turnaround time of (labor) contracts. ValidSign won this tender in January 2020 and started the roll-out process shortly after.

The signing process previously looked like follows: the contract was printed and placed on the desk of the internal signer for a signature. After signing, the document was sent by post to the external signer and then received back by post after signing. This entire process was long and very time-consuming!

Marty van Asperen, project leader at RadboudUMC: “The purchasing department signs more than 250 documents per month, and it could take several weeks for the signing process to be completed. The issue has been that when an account manager closes a deal, he or she can’t complete the process immediately, as they first need to wait for a manager’s signature before signing themselves. ValidSign allows you to select multiple signers and set a sign order so that the required signatures can be collected in a few mouse clicks.”

Great support and implementation partner

RadboudUMCplan is to ultimately implement the ValidSign’s solution organization wide. They were therefor in need of a company that prioritizes customer service and communication. “We were not only looking for an e-signing platform but also for a partner, and we found it in ValidSign. ValidSign has been incredibly involved in our roll-out process and have supported us with tailor-made consultancy and implementation,” says van Asperen.

The organization has allocated more than 6 months for the roll-out process, so that the digital signature could gradually be incorporated within the organization. The first step was to digitalize the entire hiring process and now, more than 1000 employees receive their employment contract to be signed through the ValidSign platform. This process has worked as a test for the external signers as well as for the signers within the organization. All parties are enthusiastic about the new user-friendly solution that allowed them to use it immediately after the delivery.

E-signing and the future

The organization is still in its early stages when it comes to digital signing.

Van Asperen: “At the moment, the HR department signs more than 150 contracts/documents per month digitally and the rest of the organization more than 350. This will only increase as the e-signature solution creates a well-known snowball effect where, based on the high success rate, more departments wants to start using it. Especially now that working from home has become the new normal!“

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