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When originally founded in 1839, the company’s main focus was light installations, both residential and public.

Over time, the company developed from a civil, electrical, and industrial engineering business into a multi-technical service business in the areas of communications and energy. 

SPIE Netherlands, which is a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, provides a wide range of services to assist its customers with designing, installing, maintaining and operating their energy networks, facilities, infrastructure and (industrial) buildings.

Following the acquisition of Strukton Worksphere in in January 2022, SPIE Netherlands is now the largest multi-technical service provider in the Netherlands with more than 6,000 employees across 41 locations.

Strukton Worksphere was specialized in managing, maintaining, designing and developing different technical installations in buildings, and has been a pioneer in the market when it comes to data-driven maintenance and digitizing business processes.

They are therefore continuously searching for new ways of creating more efficient and sustainable work processes.

In 2020, the Program Manager for Digitization Sandra Bakker, came to the realization that there could be major efficiency improvement if the document signing process would be fully digitalized. The company therefore started the search for a e-signature provider to initially use for singing external documents, like quotations and purchase agreements.

When Strukton Worksphere merged with the Building Solutions division of SPIE Netherlands in 2022, the entire application landscape of Worksphere was incorporated at SPIE, including ValidSign’s e-signing solution.

Sandra Bakker says “earlier, a quotation was drafted digitally, then by printing, signing and scanning (sometimes crooked), the initial quality was greatly reduced to a point where it could even be hard to read. Additionally, having agreements signed by multiple parties was often a time-consuming process, and where agreements sometimes got lost in the mail. But since the implementation of ValidSign, a quotation can be signed within 1 minute!”


When implementing ValidSign, SPIE tested the e-signature solution for an entire year before introducing it across departments to sign all kind of documents including,   employment agreements.

“The ValidSign platform is userfriendly and provides better control over document flows. The dashboard shows all outstanding signing requests including their status, this means we must take fewer actions to find out where in the process the document is pending action. You can then easily schedule and send reminders after a few days for the signing process to proceed timely,” says Bakker.

Sign wherever, whenever

In addition to having a great overview of document flows, ValidSign offers the possibility to sign whenever and wherever wanted. “It often happens that, for example, offers have to be amended and signed at the last minute. If this would happen after working hours, or if a signatory is not currently in the office, that is no longer an issue! The required signatory can simply sign the documents at home or from any another location, even on their phone,” says Bakker.

The digital signature solution has enabled agreements to be signed fast and easy as signatories can sign as long as they have internet. This has changed the process significantly, from taking weeks to only days, or even just a few hours.

The future with ValidSign

Digitally signing with ValidSign is now an essential part of SPIE. More than 16 thousand documents are digitally signed severy year and that number is only increasing. “ValidSign is slowly being implemented across the organization. It is currently being investigated at what additional SPIE divisions and departments, the digital signature can be rolled out.

SPIE Netherlands is also expecting to start using the integration between ValidSign and SharePoint Online in order to automatically carry out the last step in the signing process, the filing work,” says Bakker. They believe the integration with SharePoint Online is an important add-on for any organization who wants to set up a fully digital working environment!

Want to know more about how ValidSign’s e-signing solution can be implemented in your organization’s workflow?

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