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SPIE accelerates turnaround time processes by using ValidSign

The SPIE Group was founded in France in 1839. The company was founded by Joseph Louis François Chéseaux under the name Chéseaux & Cie and initially focused on installing lighting in buildings and on the street. Over time, the company has grown into a globally operating technical service provider.

SPIE Nederland, a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, assists its clients in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of energy networks and facilities, infrastructure and (industrial) buildings. SPIE’s solutions help buildings perform optimally, make cities smarter, facilitate the energy transition and make industrial and building-related activities more sustainable. Thanks to the acquisition in January 2022 of Strukton Worksphere, which specialises in the management, maintenance, design and construction of technical installations in buildings, SPIE Nederland is now the largest multi-technical service provider in the Netherlands with more than 6,000 employees spread over 41 locations.

Strukton Worksphere was a forerunner in the market when it comes to data-driven maintenance and the digitisation of business processes. As a result, it was constantly looking for new ways to organize processes in a smarter way and at the same time reduce paper use. In 2020, Sandra Bakker, digitization program manager, realized that a major efficiency improvement could be made in signing documents within the organization. At the time, ValidSign’s digital signature was chosen because of its user-friendliness. After a supplier selection, ValidSign’s digital signature was chosen and set up to initially allow the signing process of quotation letters and purchase agreements to take place digitally.

In 2022, Strukton Worksphere was merged into the Building Solutions division of SPIE Nederland. Worksphere’s entire application landscape was taken over in this merger and with it ValidSign’s solution. Sandra Bakker: “Previously, a quotation letter was drawn up digitally, where the quality was greatly reduced when the document was printed, signed, scanned (sometimes crooked) and then sent by e-mail. In addition, the signing of agreements by multiple parties was often a time-consuming process, with agreements sometimes getting lost in the mail. Since we started using ValidSign, a quote letter is signed within 1 minute, so to speak.”


SPIE has been testing ValidSign for a year for the digital signing of offer letters and purchase agreements. Shortly after the successful testing phase, the digital signature was introduced to other departments for external signatures, including employment contracts. “ValidSign is simple to use and ensures better control of document flows. In the dashboard of ValidSign, all outstanding signing requests can be found, including the status. As a result, we have fewer actions to check who the document to be signed is with. In the past, contracts or agreements that were sent to customers by post sometimes got lost, which meant that the entire package had to be redrafted, signed and sent. If a signature is not forthcoming these days, you can easily send a reminder after a few days with the request to sign the document again,” says Bakker.

Independent of time and place

In addition to the overview of document flows, ValidSign offers the possibility to sign independently of time and place. “It often happens that, for example, quotations have to be adjusted and signed at the last minute. When this happens after working hours, or if a signer is out of the office, this is no longer a problem. In that case, a signer can simply sign the documents at home or from another location if necessary, including via their phone,” says Bakker.

So, the signing solution has made agreements sign faster because signers can sign documents wherever they are. As a result, weeks have turned into days or even hours.

A future with ValidSign

Digital signing with ValidSign is an indispensable part of SPIE in the future. Every year, about 16 thousand documents are digitally signed with ValidSign and that number is only increasing. “ValidSign is gradually being expanded within the organization. We are currently investigating in which other divisions or staff departments of SPIE Nederland the digital signature can be rolled out. In addition, SPIE Nederland is expected to purchase the integration between ValidSign and SharePoint Online in the future in order to make the last step in the signing process automatic,” says Bakker. The integration with SharePoint Online is an important Add-On for any organization that wants to set up a digital work environment.


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