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Our digital signing solution is always in development and this time it was the the turn of SharePoint Online connector. Until recently, the connector was still fairly basic; The signing process could start and end in Sharepoint Online, and contracts could already be automatically archived in the right location. These functionalities already made for a considerable efficiency boost for the organizations that use the link. Some of the functionalities that the stand-alone ValidSign solution has had for some time were not yet available in the Sharepoint link. These include supporting Text tags and using templates. Until now.

What’s new?

The ValidSign- Sharepoint link has been further expanded so that users can sign digitally more pleasantly and efficiently.
Here are the latest features:

  • ValidSign text tags support;
  • Support for using templates;
  • Support multiple external authentication methodology such as iDIN and qualified sign

With text tag support, you can easily use templates. So you don’t have to rede decide where to sign every time. When you add or delete a new paragraph in a document, that tag simply goes along with it. The text tag is simply a typed piece of code that recognizes the sign solution and sees that a signature of, for example, the first signer has to be put there. That in combination with the new function to use templates will greatly speed up the drafting of contracts and agreements.

In addition, new external authentication methods have been added. You can now choose iDIN as an authentication method. Also, it is possible to sign qualified. The qualified digital signature is an electronic signature with a qualified certificate, a so-called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) government certificate. A signatory must have a qualified certificate that verifies his or her signature identity and authenticity through a trusted server on the EU Trusted List (ETL). This requires face-to-face identification to receive a certificate. This form of electronic signing is only necessary for persons who have to sign documents with a heavy burden of proof. Think accountants, lawyers, mayors and doctors. You can request these hardware certificates (where you need a hardware key) and digital cloud certificates through ValidSign. More information about the PKIo certification can be found here.

Do you have any questions about the new features of the SharePoint connector? Please contact Support@ValidSign.nl.