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PKIgovernment certificates


What are PKI government certificates?

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the government, or PKI government, enables reliable digital communication within and with the Dutch government. Public Key Infrastructure is a very high-quality and secure infrastructure, based on digital certificates.

PKIgovernment certificates are digital certificates that must meet the requirements of the government, for example with regard to the issuance process and the link to a tribal certificate (certificate hierarchy). They are the standard for securing electronic (government) services.

Both the government and companies can use PKIgovernment certificates. Professional certificates are intended only for professionals with a so-called Recognised Profession.


Why choose ValidSign in combination with KPN?

KPN has been issuing certificates for both government and other environments for more than 10 years. The service is audited annually both internally and externally.
KPN is a Qualified Trust Service Provider (TSP) and accredited by Agency Telecom in the Netherlands to issue qualified certificates for electronic signature. Independently, KPN has been established to meet the requirements of the ETSI EN 319 411-1 and ETSI EN 319 411-2 standards.

Types of PKI government certificates

KPN is a government-approved trust service provider (TSP) and issues five types of PKI government certificates:

Server certificates

Protect your website and online transactions (SSL and SBR)
Server certificates

Professional certificates

Legally valid communicate from a recognized profession.

Professional certificates

Persoonlijke certificaten

Secure communication, signing, and logging in on behalf of your organization
Personal certificates


Extra security for your website and online transactions

Group certificates

Communicate, sign and log in securely with a general email address.
Group certificates

PKI government certificate applications

Click here for information about the applications of a PKIgovernment certificate.

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