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We have some great news! Lately our developers have been working on the new batchsigning capability of ValidSign. This standalone solution has not only got a new user interface, but also a lot of new features. We’ll tell you more about the new ValidSign Batchsigning.

What is Batchsigning?

The name actually says it all… You can ‘sign’ a whole ‘batch’ of documents at once. This means that you can upload the hashes of multiple documents at once and sign them directly. Batchsigning does the same thing as ‘regular’ digital signing with ValidSign, but works slightly different. You choose a document, and by uploading the hash of that document into your personal Batchsigning account, this document will be linked to you as a person or organization.

Now, of course, you know that with the ‘regular’ digital signing a document is ‘sealed’ with a hash. That hash is a code that states who signed the document, at what time and from what IP address. The hash also checks whether the document is still the same as before. When the hash indicates that it is good, you know nothing alarming has happened with the document. This is the same with Batchsigning. You upload the hashes of a number of documents, with which you sign them. The Batchsigning solution places in the document the same hash with information about you as a signer, a timestamp, ip address and a check that the document is still intact. When the document opens in a PDF reader, you’ll see that this information has been added to the document as additional information.

With the Batchsigning solution, you can’t specify who you want to send your document for signature, we have our signature solution for that. But where do you use Batchsigning for? We see that there is a lot of demand from insurance, government agencies and other organizations to seal a document with a hash of outgoing documents and above all to timestamp. With Batchsiging you don’t have an upload limit, because you don’t upload the documents, but only the hashes. The signing is done in an instant.

What’s new?

The new User interface is tighter and more modern than before, making it not only look more organized, but also ready for 2021. You can upload large amounts of document hashes, which will be listed in a clear list. A green check mark appears behind each document name when the signature is placed. When uploading goes wrong, you’ll see a red cross and you can check your document again. Clear and easy!

We are especially very happy with the new look and feel of this tool and it works fantastically. But besides the UI update, our developers have not sat still. PDf is already undersigned documentstype, the signature has an embedded timestamp, LTV support and embedded signer information. In the short term, our developers will be concerned with other functionalities such as the ability to choose a group API key that allows you to choose a signer from that group, make the signature visible in the document and make the signature visible with a scribble. And they’re also already dreaming about adding other file types like AutoCAD and WAV. How beautiful would that be? Would you like to know more about this solution? Please contact our sales department quickly!