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Municipalities of Maastricht & Heerlen choose ValidSign

The municipalities of Maastricht & Heerlen have opted for the digital signature solution of ValidSign. The municipalities will use the digital signature to sign all kinds of documents, both internally and externally. The ValidSign experts provide support for the rollout of the solution within the municipality of Maastricht & the municipality of Heerlen, so that all employees can work fully digitally. By means of an extensive selection, ValidSign has been chosen as the most suitable solution for both municipalities. In Many municipal processes it is necessary to provide documents with one or more signatures. Signing is often still done on paper. Among other things in the context of case-based and digital working and substitution (digital archiving) the municipality Maastricht and the municipality Heerlen are now so far that digitally signing is desirable. The digital signature solution of ValidSign can be widely deployed within the municipalities, for example in administrative decision making and in Keukentafel interviews. By ValidSign the municipality of Maastricht and the municipality of Heerlen can sign documents (let) with the advanced digital signature or the qualified digital signature and documents can be authenticated. The municipality of Maastricht and the municipality of Heerlen are not the first municipalities to choose the digital signature solution from ValidSign. Many municipalities were already in the municipality of Maastricht and the municipality of Heerlen, such as the municipality of Utrecht, the municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg, the municipality of Roermond and the municipality of Eindhoven. The digital signature solution not only allows local authorities to accelerate processes, but also improves customer experience by the simple way of legally valid digital signing.