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Deventer, 17 May 2019 – KPN and ValidSign are introducing ‘Mobile Certificates’ that allow users to sign electronically qualified in the Cloud. They no longer need a smart card or a token to exchange and sign user information and documents completely securely and legally valid. Handing out user information with PKI government certificates can now be distributed via a special app on any mobile device by launching ValidSign and KPN.

Employees expect to be able to work easily and efficiently. At any time they want to be able to get started with the device of their choice to sign documents quickly and easily. Even if they are travelling or working on location with a customer. From now on, this can be done with Mobile Certificates, which allow users to digitally sign documents from a mobile device of their choice and safely log in to the government and other organisations. The solution supports both high-level eIDAS authentication and signing a PKI government-qualified electronic signature.

Legal digital signing method

Before signing a document, a notification appears in the dedicated Mobile Certificates app. The user can then see what he is going to sign. With a personal PIN, the user authorizes the transaction and uses his Mobile PKI government certificate, which is stored in a secure environment at KPN. The Validsign signature solution is the only application connected to the KPN Mobile Certificates service.

Strategic Partnership KPN and ValidSign

Within the partnership KPN is responsible for issuing the Mobile certificates. ValidSign provides the digital signature technology.

“Together with KPN, we have been working behind the scenes for years on this new solution. The new Mobile Certificates solution helps users make the transformation from more classic applications to Cloud-based applications. This introduction is another nice step in the existing collaboration with KPN”, says John Lageman, CEO ValidSign.

“Virtually all organisations will now and in the future face the digital signing of contracts and documents. It is a huge milestone that it is now possible with KPN PKI government certificates to be able to fully sign in the Cloud by ValidSIgn. The integrated solution meets the strictest requirements for being able to sign qualified,” says Mathijs Valk, Director Identity Operations KPN.

About ValidSign
ValidSign offers a solution for legally digital signing of documents; easy to use and easy to implement within the processes. ValidSign offers integrations with Unit4, Caseware, Pinkweb, My Accountancy portal, M-Files, Salesforce, SharePoint, Office 365, Alfresco, Outsystems and SAP SuccessFactors. ValidSign has now helped many organizations convert their processes that depend on signatures from paper intensive to paperless. Many customers worldwide use the ValidSign solution, which makes it possible to sign contracts with partners, suppliers and/or customers digitally and legally.