Govers Accountants en Adviseurs

Govers is the specialist in accountancy, tax and business advice in the South of The Netherlands and will be working with ValidSign’s digital signature solution from the end of 2019. Since 1927, the organisation from Eindhoven has been striving to provide high-quality services to their customers. The team of 180 colleagues focuses on family businesses and the construction, food and high-tech (Brainport) sectors. She distinguishes herself from other accounting firms because of her business approach and the genuine interest in the story behind the figures of an organization. Govers has both local and international customers. As part of the international partnership UHY, Govers works for a large number of international organisations. UHY is a partnership of 320 independent offices in 100 countries.

Vlot en gestroomlijnd proces

After its own research, the organisation joined ValidSign in December 2019. Govers indicated that he was not entirely unfamiliar with the digital signature and had used a different sign platform for some time. This offered limited possibilities, which inhibited the organization in making a digitization battle. The large number of ValidSign functionalities gave the organization the decisive step to switch. At the time, the process was as follows: a document to be signed was drawn up in Word, printed and signed with the correct stationery, or sent to signatories by mail for signature. The signed document was manually archived upon receipt. Kachung Tau, Accountant at Govers Accountants explains: “With the previous signing solution, there were still too many steps to obtain the necessary signatures. Where the signing process used to take hours, it has now been arranged in a few clicks!” At the moment, the entire Govers assembly process is already being streamlined, including the contract confirmation, minutes and declaration of agreement for publication and tax return signed with ValidSign. “Until recently, colleagues regularly printed documents and then signed with the wet signature. With ValidSign, these people too cannot get around the digital signing of documents and the digital signature is used more broadly within the organization”, says Kachung.


In addition to accelerating different processes and reducing response time, the digital signature creates overview for Govers. Kachung says: “ValidSign ensures better control of document flows. The ValidSign dashboard gives a nice overview of the number of documents sent and (not yet) signed. In addition, it is possible to add multiple documents to a transaction, which has significantly reduced the number of transactions.”


The digital signature contributes to the high-quality service that the organisation provides. “Customers experience ValidSign’s digital signature as an additional service from Govers. The solution allows us to digitize in an accessible way, so that our loyal customers also dare to sign documents digitally,” says Kachung. Previously, the document was printed, signed, scanned, and mailed back to the next signer when multiple people within an organization had to sign the same document. ValidSign eliminates these steps and handles them in a single transaction. Kachung says: “The customer now receives all documents in a bundled mail and the documents are available for inspection immediately after signing and downloaded via the same link”.

Volledige digitalisatie

With the right integrations, the solution can be used throughout the organization. “In addition to the auditor’s process, purchasing and HR processes could be digitized with the digital signature, says Kachung. In the coming year, Govers will digitize more and more processes in which the digital signature plays an important role. See all the business processes validsign can support.