Fast track your quotes: proven strategies for faster signatures

5 simple tips for how to get your quotes signed faster

Businesses that manage to provide an above average customer service, profits from a higher overall yearly revenue.  

And as you might be aware of, there is no do-over for a first impression. It is therefore important that your business provides high customer service from the get-go, including when the prospect is not yet a customer.  

When a potential customer has requested a quote from you, they will get a taste of how your company works. If the process takes too long, and it is complicated, they might think twice about signing with you! 

It is therefore important to streamline and make your quoting process more efficient by removing known bottlenecks and moving towards a more automated workflow. 

The quoting process in short

The quoting process is a part of most sales funnels and is the last step before the prospect becomes a customer. How the quote is prepared varies between companies, and different clients might require different information or details in their quotes. 

Be aware that by having a quote process where there is a lot of back-and-forth communication, mistakes, or clarification needed, could lead to a potential conflict in the prospect’s expectations. 

And once frustration and delays have emerged, it could cost you the deal! 


So, avoid losing the deal by having your quotes signed faster with these 5 tips:

1. Provide all necessary documentation and information

Questions always cause delays; this is why it is important to make sure that all the potential questions have been answered prior to sending the quote or are included with the quote. This way, you eliminate any hurdles or the number of actions that the prospect must take to finally sign the quote. 

2. Set a tight deadline

Without sounding too harsh, setting concrete and tight deadlines is a crucial factor for a fast signing process. Make sure that you and the prospect are on the same page regarding expectations and that you follow up on these deadlines, to show your commitment.

3. Identify the decision maker is

To speed up the process, it is crucial to know who will be finally signing the quote. By involving the decision maker early in the process, you can guarantee that your quote will be handled faster, instead of having the middleman pushing it through. 

4. Timing is everything

Timing plays a crucial role in the sales process, together with understanding the prospect’s needs. Ask the right questions and try to find out what important actions and events are planned that concern them, to determine the right timing. 

It can be as simple as knowing that their high season is approaching, and they would need to close the deal prior to this, or it would be interesting for after. This helps you to set clear expectations, but also to plan your time better. 

5. Automize the process through an e-signing solution

Assuming you have considered the above-mentioned four points, using an e-signing is a must when getting contracts and quotes signed quickly. Because the easier it is for the signer, the more likely it is that that person will sign! 


Why having an e-signing solution will get your quote signed faster:

Speeds up delivery process

Not only is it easy to upload and send documents for signature, but there are also additional features that can save you even more time and effort. Like a template feature where you can create a standard process for sending your quotes, you can also use the team management feature where you can set a signing order, if there are multiple approvals needed.

Reduces human errors

When too many people are working on the quote, or there are too many steps involved, the risk of human error increases. With a digital signing platform, you can standardize the process and make the road for sending the quote a lot easier and shorter.

Improves follow up and status tracking

Through the online platform, you can see the direct status of your quote. You can set automatic reminders to be sent in a special order to stimulate a faster signing process. 
Still not signed? Then there is a possibility of contacting the prospect directly and clearing up any potential questions he might have. This will improve the chance of getting your quote signed. 

Enables the possibility of attaching multiple documents and information

With the digital platform, you can make sure to include all the necessary documents and information straight away, for the prospect to be able to make his decision easier. This will shorten the timeline by eliminating any potential delays that could have been easily avoided.

Ensures the right person can sign

There might be scenarios where the decision maker is not able to sign. Then the signing authority can be delegated to whomever is decided or authorized to sign within the organization. There is also a possibility of using a mobile app and sign from wherever whenever, if access to a computer is the issue!


Digitalize the signing process with ValidSign’s e-signing solution

Through our standard integrations, the e-sigining solution can be easily integrated with your current CRM system. And with the mobile app, you can control the process and sign from anywhere and at any time!

It’s a fully cloud-based solution with a user-friendly interface, where you can profit from features like flexible workflows, audit trails, branded templates, and server possibilities.

Security is our highest priority, and by using the Netherlands most trusted data center, KPN hosting, we can ensure our clients that ValidSign complies with all current and new European data protection regulations through strict security and procedures.

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