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The success of the implementation of a digital signature depends partly on the place in the process where the integration takes place. ValidSign has gained experience in dozens of government organizations around the implementation of the digital signature in the field of process, integrations and authorizations.
A common integration is the integration with the ESB of Enable-U as a Broker between the applications you used and ValidSign. The ESB receives messages and delivers them to the signer via ValidSign. This broker functionality links your business system, Centric, PinkRoccade and other applications to ValidSign to obtain the desired business process optimizations.
The link between ESB and ValidSign will ensure that the signing process will also be quick and efficient. The link offers the possibility to sign place and device independently from different applications.
By realizing the desire for digital services, such as business-oriented working and links to national facilities, many applications and systems need to be integrated with each other.
Based on the ESB, it is quick switching and an architecture (NORA, GEMMA) resistant choice.

Enable-U itself is also satisfied with ValidSign:
Judith Veenstra, Enable-U,:
“Our HR process has accelerated considerably since we applied validsign’s digital signature. Employees can remotely sign contracts that we offer online via their own device and it saves a lot of time in the administrative process. Ideal for HR and genius for the employee.”