End 2020 safer? Valuable AddOns for 2021!

2020 budget

In just a little while, 2020 will be over and we will be at the beginning of a new year, with new goals that will hopefully lead to good performances. But now that we are still in 2020 and you may not have completely exhausted your budget, ValidSign offers three security modules that will help you achieve your goals for 2021. The SSO module, the Sendermail and iDIN authentication of ValidSign are AddOns that are now available.

One-click access with SSO

Do you gain automatic access to the applications and resources within your organization? Then there is a good chance that you are using Single Sign-on software. Many organizations already use SSO in combination with their CRM and business system or HRM software, but from now on ValidSign also offers this option.

ValidSign offers the possibility to log in by means of Single sign-on. With this module, an end user only has to log in once, after which access is granted automatically to multiple applications and resources in the network of the organization. By linking the service provider ValidSign to the identity provider of your organization, you can log in to ValidSign using a two factor authentication. This is not only easy and saves a lot of time, the module immediately leads to a greatly improved security. The four entities supported by ValidSign are: Azure, AD (Active directory), ADFS and Okta. So if your organization uses one of the previous providers, ValidSign can be linked to this.

Send from your own domain

One of the other AddOns that you could consider is ValidSign’s Sender Email. With this module, all signing requests are sent from your organization, regardless of whether the sender has its own ValidSign account or not. The sender email is fully set up based on the branding of your organization so that every signing request looks reliable and recognizable to the relevant signer.

The three servers that support sending the sender mail are: DKIM, SMTP and Mailrelay. To be able to use this module, a validation takes place in the domain of your organization in which ValidSign is authorized to send the sender email from the organization. In addition, logo and content branding will be set up to personalize the mail.

iDIN authentication

 iDIN is a Dutch online identification tool. With iDIN a person can identify himself or herself through his or her bank details. The link between ValidSign and iDin acts as a second factor authentication during a signing to check the identity of the signers even more strictly. This is the solution for authentication with a minimum substantial reliability level.

Do you want to make the signing process even more efficient in 2021 by arranging one, two or all three AddOns within your organization? Do not wait any longer, discuss this quickly with your system administrator and submit your application today!


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