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Digital signing with ValidSign

The world is becoming more and more digital. It is therefore not surprising that an activity such as signing documents can also be done in a digital way. And that’s exactly what ValidSign offers. The ValidSign platform allows you to send, sign and receive signed documents. And of course, every signature is legally valid. This way you can take paper out the door and digitize your entire signing process. But there are many more reasons to digitally sign with ValidSign.

A sustainable solution

Digital signing is, in addition to a major acceleration of the signing process, also a sustainable solution. Just think how much paper and ink it takes to print documents, how much fuel it takes to send all the documents in the mail and how much fuel it costs to then send the signed document back. This reduces CO2 emissions to about 0. And that’s pretty nice.

Not tied to time

Also, digital signing is not tied to time. With a printed document, different times must be taken into account. A document can only be sent within office hours, one depends on the delivery schedule of the postman, the document cannot be returned immediately after signing and also when returning the document it is the postman who determines when this happens. To digitally sign, skip all these steps. A document is sent to the signer, who signs, and automatically returns the document. Where the process on paper can sometimes take weeks, you are now ready within a few minutes.



More than 150 integrations

ValidSign can be implemented in almost every business process. We have more than 150 integrations with different software parties. A number of examples of these integrations are the Microsoft Word connector, the link with AFAS, the integration with SharePoint and the link with Exact. We also offer a lot of sector-specific integrations. For example, within the government a lot of use is made of the link with iBabs and within accountancy of the link with AuditCase. And so there are hundreds of other integrations and partners.


In order to serve the Accountancy market even better with ValidSign, we have developed the ValidSign4Accountancy (VS4A) platform. VS4A offers a total solution for the accountant from 1 platform, in which all processes are supported and you can easily have customers sign or inform.


All validsign features

In addition to the core elements of ValidSign, the digital signature solution is also the solution with the most features. Due to the many features, ValidSign offers a complete solution for every organization. The richest platform for any process. View all features of ValidSign here .