Do you want to contribute to one of the fastest growing ICT startups in the Netherlands?

You want to satisfy every customer with the right help for his or her question. As a customer support professional, you like to do extra effort for that. At ValidSign you think along and see your good ideas become reality. Will you join us?

Finding the most diverse solutions to our customers’ support issues every day. Challenges that vary from use to technique. You find out the needs of the customer and with your service-oriented attitude you help him or her. Another satisfied customer. And that’s not all.

We can rely on you as soon as you as a customer support professional:

  • answer incoming e-mails and telephone calls.
  • record how you came to a working solution.
  • share your surprising ideas with which we can improve service processes.
  • advises our customers on new, innovative software solutions.
  • discovering new things every day.

You join the customer success team. They are known for their quality awareness and good cooperation. Asking for help when necessary and offering help when possible, that’s in our DNA. We know few pre-defined paths, which gives you a lot of room to choose your own path.
Our colleagues offer support in setting up, adjusting and applying the software. They always go the extra mile for the customer. Customer support professionals, consultants and project managers together provide the best support to our customers.
The support department works quickly and decisively and focuses on customer service.

At ValidSign we work hard. And there is something to that. The balance between effort and relaxation is very important to us. Clear your head for a moment and then throw yourself back into your daily tasks with new energy. In addition, you will be given the space to realize your ambitions as a springboard for a further career within customer success, sales or consultancy. And of course that’s not all.

As a customer support professional you can also count on:

  • best training and coaching to develop on a personal and professional level
  • a monthly salary in line with your knowledge and experience

If something feels right, delay is unnecessary. So let us know why you are the right customer support professional. How do you satisfy every customer with the right help for his or her question?

Apply now and call +3185 303 3676 or mail to
Do you have any questions about the position first? Erik is happy to answer them.

We are a leader in the international eSignature software market. Started in 2016 and already we support more than 1200 organizations and that number is growing every day. What characterizes us? We combine the energy of a startup with the benefits of a multinational.

As an employer, we take our social responsibility. Because we find that important and sincerely believe in it. We think green in everything we do. For example, by reducing paper consumption and traveling by plane and car as little as possible. We also support employees who want to contribute to the (local) community.

Employment type: Full-time, Part-time, Fixed-term, Open-ended

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