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Microsoft Word Connector


The ValidSign add-in allows a user in Word to send out a sign-up request without leaving Word.

This document consists of two parts:

  • Install /enable the add-in on your Office account
  • Use the add-in – This section discusses the features of the add-in and how to use it to use ValidSign directly from Word

Individual users who install the add-in independently must install the add-in separately in Word.


Supporting platform

  • Microsoft Word for Office 365
  • Microsoft Word Online (365)
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer

The condition for using the add-in is that cookies are accepted in the browser.

You must also meet Microsoft’s basic requirements for using Microsoft Office.

1.1 Install the add-in

  1. Sign in to your 365 account and start Word.
  2. Then open a Word file.
  3. On the Insert tab, navigate the ribbon, and select the Office add-in option in the add-in section on the ribbon.
  4. The Office add-in page opens. Select store option

  1. ValidSign type in the search field, and then click the search icon.
  2. Once you see the ValidSign for Word add-in, click the Add button to the right of the list
  3. When the add-in is installed, the ValidSign icon is added to the ribbon on the Home tab.

1.2. Use the add-in

In this article, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for sending your document(s) through the ValidSign Word add-in.

1.2.1. Login

Start by logging in with your ValidSign account information. After you set up the signers, you can send the transaction directly for signature, or open the ValidSign designer to customize the transaction.

1.2.2. Create sign request

Who’s going to sign the document?

  • Only me = You will be added as a signer yourself
  • Me and others = You will be added as a signer yourself and have the option to add another signer. You can add another signer on the “adder” button.
  • Only others = You have the ability to add a signer.
    You can add another signer on the “adder” button.

1.2.3. How do I determine where the signature is in the document?

The moment you’re adding a signer, you have a “scribble” above the last name (see print screen below). If you click on it, a code (text tag) will be placed on the document where you stood with your cursor. Our application then knows where to get the signature in the document.

An alternative is the use of the Designer. The transaction is then created at ValidSign and you can use the designer to determine where the signature will be in the document.

1.2.4 Sending the transaction

If a text tag is included in the document, you can send the document immediately by clicking the “send transaction” button.

If text tags are not used to determine where the signature comes in the document, you can send the transaction from the “designer”.

1.2.5. Logout

1.2.6. Change language

The Word add-in supports two languages. Dutch and English. By clicking on the globe, the language can be changed.

Do you still have questions about the Word connector? Do not hesitate to contact us.