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Gouda/Deventer, 12 April 2021- Centric, one of the largest IT service providers in the Netherlands, strengthens its partnership with ValidSign, market leader in the Benelux in the field of digital signing. Both organizations pool their knowledge and expertise to make their solutions even more powerful. The integration between ValidSign and Motion, Centric’s eHRM solution in the cloud, was launched at the end of 2019. Many government agencies have now embraced the solution. MotionSign enables end users to digitally sign HR-related documents, including employment contracts, in the trusted Motion application.

Fully digital

It’s not just HR documents that require signatures. Especially now that we spend a lot of time at home, a wet signature is difficult. It must be printed and the document must be physically sent to the sign authorised. And then scanned correctly. You’re going to have to go to the office anyway. Thanks to the collaboration between Centric and ValidSign, this is a thing of the past, also for decisions. It now goes on completely digitally at once, without trips in the work process to other systems. Whether you work in the office or at home. Apple Egg.

Efficiency and convenience

With the strengthening of this partnership, more integrations between ValidSign and Centric’s core applications are realized. For example, it is possible to have confirmations of birth digitally signed by a doctor and midwife from Centric Burgerzaken. It will also be possible to have other documents signed digitally by, for example, authorities or citizens. In addition, the integration between ValidSign and Centric Omgeving, Centric’s all-in-one solution for licensing, supervision and enforcement, is being realized. Efficiency and convenience are always central to this collaboration.

Effortless and familiar

Maarten Hillenaar, director at Centric: “Together with ValidSign, we digitize the last analogue step. Based on the process decisions, we ensure that, among other things, decisions are signed directly digitally and legally. Without difficulty, from the trusted application that you already work with every day”. John Lageman, director at ValidSign “ValidSign’s valid digital signing offers huge benefits for both organizations and their end customers and suppliers. With our signing platform in combination with the software that Centric supplies for, for example, civil affairs and the living environment, we can serve customers even better.”

About ValidSign

ValidSign’s digital signature solution accelerates business processes by automating signature. Digital signing of an agreement is done through a secure environment and is fully legally valid. ValidSign is the market leader in the digital signature in the Benelux and more than 1000 organizations are currently signing their documents with ValidSign. The ValidSign platform is an Enterprise solution that integrates with more than 85 applications so that the signed contracts are stored directly in the club’s system. By deploying ValidSign, sign errors are reduced and the legal and compliance position strengthened. The solution allows documents from any mobile device to be digitally signed by multiple people. This means a further professionalization of the working methods of the club and results in a considerable amount of time. More information: https://validsign.eu.

About Centric

Countless organizations rely on our technological solutions, high-quality IT services and qualified professionals every day. That makes you proud! We therefore do everything we can to live up to the trust of our customers time and time again. By linking our knowledge of IT to years of experience with industry-specific processes in the government, supply chain and financial sector. With this unique combination we distinguish ourselves from the rest. Everything we do fits within the pillars Software &IT Assessments, IT outsourcing and management, Business process outsourcing, Cyber Security, Collaboration &Communication and Staffing. Together with our customers, we develop working solutions that contribute to achieving their goals. Because their success is our success.