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Discover the benefits of digital signing


ValidSign provides the freedom to complete business faster with the most trusted signing solution – on any device, anywhere in the world, safe – for organizations of every shape and size. Below is an overview of a number of industries in which ValidSign is frequently used.

ValidSign for government

Sign organisation wide for each case.

validsign for FINANCE

Always get your contracts in order for banking & finance

ValidSign for Energy

Power contracts easier to close by ValidSign

ValidSign for accountancy

For all contracts as well as for depositing the annual accounts with KvK

ValidSign for legal profession

No more transporting paper contracts with all the risks that entails

valid sign for healthcare

Transporting patients to sign? No need.

valid sign for education

For management, teachers, students and parents the same solution

valid sign for bOUW

Consortia can easily set up contract management

validsign for housing associations

An Enterprise solution that integrates with many CRM, ERP and DMS systems.


  • Ensure quick and easy signing of new employees’ contracts. Signing by different signers no longer needs to be done at one location or time.
  • Let candidates sign an NDA in advance or face-to-face and improve your recruitment process.
  • Ensure quick handling of agreements and forms that you send out to companies and suppliers. You are no longer dependent on a lengthy paper process, but can complete your sign-up process entirely digitally.

Easy and secure, in the most trusted Cloud.


  • Avoid delays and make sure your documents are signed within minutes, instead of days or hours.
  • Thanks to our smart integrations, sign your documents from your known system or application and let the signed documents return to them by itself
  • Execute contracts and agreements faster
  • Make sure fraud is a thing of the past thanks to the sealing of signed documents and an additional evidence summary. Signed documents cannot be changed.
  • Simplify purchase orders by digitizing them and making them paperless
  • Use reusable templates that make it quicker to finish sending the same kind of documents.


ValidSign makes it easier to manage sign-ups, contracts, and other documentation. Speed up your sign-up process and better track the status of agreements. Improve the environment by eliminating the need for paper and ensure better experiences for your students.

  • Start immediately and quickly and easily send out standard documents using templates you can create
  • Save costs by eliminating the need for printing, faxing, scanning, physical archiving and mail shipping
  • Increase efficiency by easily sending reminders and ensuring that, for example, the sign-up process is faster
  • Keep track and control by seeing the status of each signature at all times
  • Improve your service to your students by providing an easy and clear way of signing
  • Reduce risks such as the discharge of documentation, and the possibility of committing fraud due to audit capabilities


  • Bring down delays and make sure your sales contracts and agreements are signed faster and save valuable time
  • Easily send reminders and conclude more contracts faster within a short time
  • Add special fill fields or options to sign contracts and personalize each contract specific to that one deal
  • Let someone sign an agreement immediately by using the ‘in-person signing’ option and immediately conclude that important deal


  • Have certain requirements signed and send reminders to keep the process moving.
  • Gain insight into the entire approval process by showing who has already approved agreements and agreements and who hasn’t yet
  • Access audit capabilities and transaction reports
  • Set an sign order so that everyone can draw in the correct order or let everyone receive a sign request at the same time
  • Let product management and engineering teams digitally approve appointments and avoid misunderstandings and frustrations.


  • Manage lease agreements more easily by having them signed digitally. Through your ValidSign platform, it is at a glance clear which agreements have already been signed or which still need to be signed.
  • Handle facility contracts and agreements faster by using templates that you can reuse. This saves you actions and time. You can send your agreements to multiple signers within seconds and get signed back within minutes.
  • Save time and increase safe order handling by making it easier to keep an eye on them and sign them securely. You can view transactions and send reminders to signers at any time.