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SPIE accelerates turnaround time processes by using ValidSign

SPIE accelerates turnaround time processes by using ValidSign

The SPIE Group was founded in France in 1839. The company was founded by Joseph Louis François Chéseaux under the name Chéseaux & Cie and initially focused on installing lighting in buildings and on the street. Over time, the company has grown into a globally operating technical service provider.

SPIE Nederland, a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, assists its clients in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of energy networks and facilities, infrastructure and (industrial) buildings. SPIE’s solutions help buildings perform optimally, make cities smarter, facilitate the energy transition and make industrial and building-related activities more sustainable. Thanks to the acquisition in January 2022 of Strukton Worksphere, which specialises in the management, maintenance, design and construction of technical installations in buildings, SPIE Nederland is now the largest multi-technical service provider in the Netherlands with more than 6,000 employees spread over 41 locations.

Strukton Worksphere was a forerunner in the market when it comes to data-driven maintenance and the digitisation of business processes. As a result, it was constantly looking for new ways to organize processes in a smarter way and at the same time reduce paper use. In 2020, Sandra Bakker, digitization program manager, realized that a major efficiency improvement could be made in signing documents within the organization. At the time, ValidSign’s digital signature was chosen because of its user-friendliness. After a supplier selection, ValidSign’s digital signature was chosen and set up to initially allow the signing process of quotation letters and purchase agreements to take place digitally.

In 2022, Strukton Worksphere was merged into the Building Solutions division of SPIE Nederland. Worksphere’s entire application landscape was taken over in this merger and with it ValidSign’s solution. Sandra Bakker: “Previously, a quotation letter was drawn up digitally, where the quality was greatly reduced when the document was printed, signed, scanned (sometimes crooked) and then sent by e-mail. In addition, the signing of agreements by multiple parties was often a time-consuming process, with agreements sometimes getting lost in the mail. Since we started using ValidSign, a quote letter is signed within 1 minute, so to speak.”


SPIE has been testing ValidSign for a year for the digital signing of offer letters and purchase agreements. Shortly after the successful testing phase, the digital signature was introduced to other departments for external signatures, including employment contracts. “ValidSign is simple to use and ensures better control of document flows. In the dashboard of ValidSign, all outstanding signing requests can be found, including the status. As a result, we have fewer actions to check who the document to be signed is with. In the past, contracts or agreements that were sent to customers by post sometimes got lost, which meant that the entire package had to be redrafted, signed and sent. If a signature is not forthcoming these days, you can easily send a reminder after a few days with the request to sign the document again,” says Bakker.

Independent of time and place

In addition to the overview of document flows, ValidSign offers the possibility to sign independently of time and place. “It often happens that, for example, quotations have to be adjusted and signed at the last minute. When this happens after working hours, or if a signer is out of the office, this is no longer a problem. In that case, a signer can simply sign the documents at home or from another location if necessary, including via their phone,” says Bakker.

So, the signing solution has made agreements sign faster because signers can sign documents wherever they are. As a result, weeks have turned into days or even hours.

A future with ValidSign

Digital signing with ValidSign is an indispensable part of SPIE in the future. Every year, about 16 thousand documents are digitally signed with ValidSign and that number is only increasing. “ValidSign is gradually being expanded within the organization. We are currently investigating in which other divisions or staff departments of SPIE Nederland the digital signature can be rolled out. In addition, SPIE Nederland is expected to purchase the integration between ValidSign and SharePoint Online in the future in order to make the last step in the signing process automatic,” says Bakker. The integration with SharePoint Online is an important Add-On for any organization that wants to set up a digital work environment.


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Housing corporation Stadgenoot implements e-signature organization wide

Housing corporation Stadgenoot implements e-signature organization wide

Stadgenoot, one of the largest housing corporations in the Netherlands, has implemented the e-signature from ValidSign to streamline the signing process within its organization. This is a major step forward for Stadgenoot in terms of digital transformation and promises to deliver substantial improvements in efficiency and customer experience. In this article, we take a look at the benefits of this new technology and how it is being implemented across the organization.

Stadgenoot is a housing corporation in Amsterdam and rents out more than thirty thousand social rental properties, that has an average rent of 500 euros per month. The housing corporation was formed in July 2008 through a merger between two Amsterdam housing corporations, the General Housing Association (AWV, founded in 1910) and Het Oosten (from 1911).

With more than 300 employees, spread over the four business units, Stadgenoot is an organization of size. Two business units provide financial and public housing management: Finance & Operations and Strategy & Portfolio. The customer-oriented work is housed in the Customer & Home business unit. The real estate-oriented projects are at Real Estate & Development.

Safe signing

Since the beginning of 2020, a large part of the organization has been digitally signing with ValidSign’s cloud based platform. The desire to make the switch over to an e-signature was fueled by the possibility to guarantee the security around the signing process and personal data seamlessly, as the manual signature wasn’t able to offer this guarantee at all times.

After Stadgenoot had made the decision to implement the e-signature, they were referred to ValidSign through their ERP system supplier Aareon. They scheduled a demo with ValidSign to have a tour of the signing platform and to discuss the possibilities for implementing it in their workflow. Ibrahim Hassan, functional administrator at Stadgenoot mentions, “Finding a digital signature supplier is quite easy, but you rarely find a supplier who also identifies as a partner and always thinks along with the customer. We found this in ValidSign.”

Except from two departments, ValidSign’s e-signature has now been rolled out across the organization. These two departments are currently using an e-signature platform from another supplier, but will soon make the transition over to ValidSign.

By using an e-signature, each department provides the highest level of security for the signing of their documents, and at the same time they have full insight into the signing process through the platform’s dashboard. The organization has chosen to identify signers through a second-factor authentication, this SMS authentication feature ensures that in addition to the regular email verification, the signer’s phone number is also verified to make sure it’s the correct person signing.

Then the iDIN authentication is being used by tenants for when signing the leases etc.

Most of the departments uses the platform for signing forms, assignments and/or contracts by external parties, while the finance department signs internal payment orders.

Sign anywhere and at any time

Because of the COVID pandemic, and the new way of working, there is an increased need for the digital way of signing. Ibrahim says: “Like the rest of the Netherlands, in the beginning of 2020 everything changed abruptly when we were only allowed to work from home. Getting an a signature from your manager or director was then a tricky task, and we were forced to rethink the processes. For example, the signatories were not present on location or did not have their own printer at home. ValidSign now allows us to sign, whenever, wherever!”.

Increased efficiency

In addition to the fact that the e-signing solution guarantees a high level of document security, the process has also become more efficient. “The time it takes to receive a signed document has been significantly reduced because a number of actions no longer need to be carried out. The volume of paperwork has also been drastically and employees have more time to spend on other important tasks. The users within Stadgenoot are satisfied with the new way of signing, and they were able to get started working with the platform after an initial introduction, which was nicely organized by ValidSign.

About the future

Within now and a few weeks, we expect the two departments that aren’t currently using the ValidSign platform to make the transition and then even more documents will be digitally signed. In addition, ValidSign and Aereon are developing the integration between the ERP system Tobias AX and ValidSign so that Stadgenoot and other companies can start signing from the trusted ERP system.

Once the integration has been implemented, several departments will be using it. Ibrahim says: “The e-signature is an indispensable part in our processes, and the use of it will only increase in the coming years. That is also why we like to work with ValidSign and Aareon to make the integration even more future-proof. We like to invest time and effort in this, because we believe that we will get a lot in return”.

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Secure digital signing? Yes We Can!

Secure digital signing? Yes We Can!

Yes We Can Clinics is a youth clinic for young people aged 13 to 23 with mental health problems, addictions and/or behavioural problems. The professionals working for YWCC help young people and their parents get their lives back on track.

Yes We Can Clinics has both a national and international clinic. The international healthcare clinic has been around for about two years now and started digital signing with ValidSign. Safety is of paramount importance at Yes We Can Clinics.

ValidSign provides this assurance: documents can be safely offered digitally for signature.

“For Yes We Can Clinics, there is the need for validsign to sign place and time independently”

Place and time independence

Digital document signing is a necessity for ywcc’s international clinic. These are young people from different countries and even continents. Brigitte de Jager, Senior Policy Advisor at Yes We Can Clinics, explains: “In the international clinic there is the need for the application of ValidSign, because then we can not ask if people “come” to sign. We have international patients from Africa, Europe, Asia and South America, you name it. The digital signing of documents is done in the intake phase, i.e. before the treatment plan/treatment agreement is drawn up. In addition, in the evaluation phase, for the signing of evaluation forms. It is no longer necessary to let all persons come together to sign.
“It is very important in healthcare that you agree very well on what is going to happen and for what purpose. You also need a lot of consent statements. Permission to share statements with another health care provider. This process is very important and privacy-sensitive in healthcare. The documents are signed by the practitioner and the patient and/or the parents. This too is of course a reason to opt for ValidSign. There are several parties that have to give approvals and they don’t have to be on the spot at one point,” says Brigitte. “This can then be signed neatly in succession via ValidSign.”


In addition to place and time independence, safety is an important factor for Yes We Can Clinics. “Our target group is very sensitive to privacy and that’s why they also choose a clinic that values privacy,” says Brigitte. This is about safety in the area where they reside, but also about the safety of patient information. “Patient information is hypersensitive information. The whole life story of patients is contained in those documents and, for example, which Medication they use. With ValidSign, the documents can not only be signed legally, but also securely.”
In addition, overview also plays an important role. “The moment we have sent the documents digitally, it is easy to refer to those digital documents. We also have an electronic patient file, preferably with as little scans of paper documents as possible.”

Local and international

The employees who work with ValidSign were immediately enthusiastic after the introduction. “We really saw the possibilities for other fronts within Yes We Can Clinics.
In addition to the international branch of the organization, the HR department and the secretariat of Yes We Can Clinics already works locally mainly with ValidSign to prepare the form flow. They format the documents and manage them. Brigitte: “That is also our bet, that practitioners have as little to do with paperwork as possible. That’s not their job. The secretariat prepares it and signs the practitioner. It is crucial in such a system that it does not have to think about it for someone who has to sign.”

About the future

The use of ValidSign pays off from day one. In addition, consideration is also given to possible next steps relating to an even more efficient way of working. “The best thing would be if the Electronic Patients Dossier (EPD) and ValidSign are linked together. We did talk about the fact that documents automatically enter the system, now it all has to be stored manually. And linking address information is also useful,” says Brigitte.

Accon avm digitally signs approximately 12 thousand documents per year with ValidSign

Accon avm digitally signs approximately 12 thousand documents per year with ValidSign

“Both our employees and customers are very enthusiastic about the digital signature. Every year, more than 12,000 documents are digitally signed with ValidSign within Accon avm”.

Accon avm is originally an agricultural cooperative. The accountancy firm was founded in 1917 by the parent company from Leeuwarden and quickly grew into a national, full-service consultancy and accountancy organization for SMEs. In 2017 Accon avm celebrated its 100th anniversary.

With approximately 1000 employees and more than 40 branches, Accon AVM is an accountancy firm of size. The organization has a large knowledge network in which location-independent working is central. This means that advisors are close anytime, anywhere. They like to come to the entrepreneur, digitally but certainly also on location.


Sustainability and innovation are of paramount importance and determine the success of Accon avm and its customers. Partly because of this, the organization chose ValidSign’s digital signature in 2016, as the first accounting firm. Documents no longer need to be printed and transported by post or courier. By greatly reducing printing, paper consumption fell by about 20% every year until 2020.

Easy and fast

ValidSign was broadly deployed within the organization immediately after its extradition to digitally accelerate various signing processes. Accon avm started digitally signing documents that need to be signed by the customer, because mainly these processes took a lot of time. Anita van Gelder, Director ict and facility at Accon avm says: “Several parties regularly have to sign, for example a partnership where there are several shareholders who are not all present at the same location at the same time. It could take weeks for documents such as declarations, agreements and financial statements to be signed. With validsign’s user-friendly solution, the document is completed within 15 minutes as a way of”.

High-quality services

In addition to making the organization more sustainable and accelerating various business processes, the digital signature also contributes to the high-quality services that the organization provides. “Customers regularly indicate that digital signing is so much easier than on paper. The customer no longer has to walk to the mailbox or wait for the other signatories to sign. She now receives all documents in a bundled email and the documents are available for inspection and download via the same link immediately after signing,” says van Gelder.

AFAS Connector

ValidSign is used for more than 90% of the processes where signing takes place. Every year, more than 12,000 documents are digitally signed with ValidSign within Accon avm. In order to make the signing process even more streamlined, Accon avm has been working with validsign’s AFAS connector since April 2021. The link allows users to submit documents for signing in AFAS. Any process that requires signing can be monitored from A to Z in the system. Van Gelder says: “By using ValidSign from AFAS CRM, we are taking the final step in our digitization process. The fact that I can select contacts in AFAS for each signature and signed documents are archived directly in the right place in AFAS is very useful”. Only one-sided signings are occasionally done the old-fashioned way. The organization strives to digitally sign these documents in the near future and to help persuade the last colleagues to sign digitally.

Sustainable care at Radboud University Medical Center

Sustainable care at Radboud University Medical Center

As the world increasingly turns to digital solutions to streamline operations and reduce costs, one of the most important aspects to consider is sustainability.

This article will discuss how one of the Netherlands biggest University Hospitals, RadboudUMC has implemented the e-signature into their document flow, how they have benefited from ValidSign’s sustainable e-signature solution and how it can help you improve your care operations!

As a part of the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres, Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen educates yearly more than 3,000 students in medicine, nursing and biomedical sciences. Additionally, RadboudUMC has 1065 beds and more than 10,000 employees.

As a result of the corona crisis, the number of beds and staff have increased and in order to keep up with the need and demand from patients, the organization took the step to digitalize its processes and the University Medical Centre is now working more digitally than ever before!

Shortened turnaround time on contracts

After conducting a market research, RadboudUMC put out a tender to be able to choose the right e-signing platform, and the main reason for wanting to incorporate an e-signature in the organization was to shorten the turnaround time of (labor) contracts. ValidSign won this tender in January 2020 and started the roll-out process shortly after.

The signing process previously looked like follows: the contract was printed and placed on the desk of the internal signer for a signature. After signing, the document was sent by post to the external signer and then received back by post after signing. This entire process was long and very time-consuming!

Marty van Asperen, project leader at RadboudUMC: “The purchasing department signs more than 250 documents per month, and it could take several weeks for the signing process to be completed. The issue has been that when an account manager closes a deal, he or she can’t complete the process immediately, as they first need to wait for a manager’s signature before signing themselves. ValidSign allows you to select multiple signers and set a sign order so that the required signatures can be collected in a few mouse clicks.”

Great support and implementation partner

RadboudUMCplan is to ultimately implement the ValidSign’s solution organization wide. They were therefor in need of a company that prioritizes customer service and communication. “We were not only looking for an e-signing platform but also for a partner, and we found it in ValidSign. ValidSign has been incredibly involved in our roll-out process and have supported us with tailor-made consultancy and implementation,” says van Asperen.

The organization has allocated more than 6 months for the roll-out process, so that the digital signature could gradually be incorporated within the organization. The first step was to digitalize the entire hiring process and now, more than 1000 employees receive their employment contract to be signed through the ValidSign platform. This process has worked as a test for the external signers as well as for the signers within the organization. All parties are enthusiastic about the new user-friendly solution that allowed them to use it immediately after the delivery.

E-signing and the future

The organization is still in its early stages when it comes to digital signing.

Van Asperen: “At the moment, the HR department signs more than 150 contracts/documents per month digitally and the rest of the organization more than 350. This will only increase as the e-signature solution creates a well-known snowball effect where, based on the high success rate, more departments wants to start using it. Especially now that working from home has become the new normal!“

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Govers Accountants and Advisors streamlines their signing processes

Govers Accountants and Advisors streamlines their signing processes

Govers is a family-run accounting firm that serves small businesses in the Netherlands. The company was founded 1927 in Eidhoven and has since then been providing customers with high-quality accounting services. Over the years, the company has grown and in order to ensure continued success, Govers decided to invest in digitalization. With the help of ValidSign, Govers was able to streamline their business processes and improve customer satisfaction.

In this case study, we will discuss the various benefits that Govers Accountants and Advisors has experienced since the implementation and the future of digitalizationand the potential opportunities that lie ahead. 

The business summary

The firm, Govers Accountants and Advisors specializes in accounting, taxes and business advice, the team of 180 colleagues focuses on family run business in the construction, food and high-tech sector. The firm distinguishes itself from other accounting firms through their genuine interest in the story behind the numbers of their clients.

As part of ther international partnership with UHY, Govers works with a large number of international organisations. (UHY is a partnership of 320 independent offices in 100 countries.)

Smooth and streamlined document process

Prior to becoming a ValidSign customer in 2019, Govers was using another e-signature platform. As it didn’t offer them the full range of functionalities needed to streamline and digitalize their business processes, they decided to make the switch.

At that time, their document signing process was as follows:

The document was drawn up in Word, then printed with their letterhead and signed, or sent to signatories by mail or courier for signature. When received back, the signed document was then manually scanned and archived.

Kachung Tau, Accountant at Govers Accountants explains:

“Even with the previous signing solution, there were too many steps to obtain the needed signatures. Where the signing process used to take hours, it is now handled within in a few clicks!”

With ValidSign, all of Govers document processes are being streamlined, including contract confirmations, meeting minutes, agreements for publication and tax returns, to name a few.

“Until recently, colleagues were printing documents and having them signed with a regular signature on paper. But after introducing the easy to use ValidSign platform, the entire office prefers the digital signature and all the internal processes have become more efficient”, says Kachung.

Control and structure

In addition to having processes run more efficient and the reduction in response time, the e-signature platform provides a comprehensive overview for Govers.

Kachung says: “ValidSign ensures better control of document flows. The dashboard gives a nice overview of the number of documents sent and (not yet) signed. In addition, it is possible to add multiple documents to a transaction, which has significantly reduced the number of transactions.” 

High customer satisfaction

The digital signature contributes to the high customer service that the organisation provides. “Customers experience ValidSign’s digital signature as an additional service from Govers. The solution allows us to digitize in an simple way, so that our loyal customers also dare to sign documents digitally,” says Kachung.

Previously, documents were printed, signed, scanned, and mailed to the next signer when multiple people within an organization had to sign the same documents. ValidSign now eliminates these steps and handles them in one single transaction.

Kachung says: “The customer now receives all documents in a single email and the documents are available for review immediately after signing, where they also can be downloaded via the same link”.

Fully digitalized processes

With the right integrations, the solution can be used throughout the organization. “In addition to the auditor’s process, purchasing and HR processes can be digitilized with the e-signature, says Kachung.

In the coming year, Govers has a goal to digitilize even more processes in which the e-signature plays an important role.

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