ValidSign is FD  Gazelle 4th year in a row!

ValidSign is FD Gazelle 4th year in a row!

Based on revenue growth, growth in the number of employees and the profitaility of the organization, ValidSign has been awarded an FD Gazelle again this year.

2022 has been a great year for ValidSign so far. Altough many organizations have shifted from working from home to the office again, the digital signature stays indispensable for organizations.  With our solution, contracts can be signed place, time and device signed independently.

The combination of our driven team and our indispensable digital signing solution has ensured that for the fourth time in a row we are one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

ValidSign in Top 10 best performing SaaS companies

ValidSign in Top 10 best performing SaaS companies

ValidSign is in the Top 10 best performing SaaS companies in the Netherlands! With this SaaS100, MT/Sprout presents the 100 best performing SaaS companies from 2022 with a turnover of 50 million euros. With more than 200 registrations, we are proud to take the 7th place.

UMCG chooses ValidSign!

UMCG chooses ValidSign!

From now on University Medical Center Groningen now signs documents digitally with ValidSign. They will start by digitally signing research contracts and later on, tender purchases and employment contracts will follow. We are proud that another University hospital has been added to our customer base and wish UMCG the best of luck with the rollout of ValidSign within the various departments of the organization!

ValidSign at the ICT Career Day in Deventer

ValidSign at the ICT Career Day in Deventer

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, ValidSign was on the ICT Career Day in the Business Club of Go Ahead Eagles. This day was created by Deventer Information City and is intended to help studying and recently graduated ICT professionals find great internships, graduation assignments or even a new job.

ValidSign is always looking for the best ICT professionals, so this career day was the perfect opportunity to present ourselves to this young target group. We were able to speak to many students and have a few nice contacts left over from this career day. As far as we are concerned, a successful afternoon. We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand.

Primera chooses ValidSign!

Primera chooses ValidSign!

The Dutch retail chain Primera, specializing in magazines and newspapers, greeting and gift cards, stationery and raffles has chosen for the digital signature of ValidSign.

Hielco Spruijt, Store Automation Manager at Primera: “After an extensive pre-selection, we chose for ValidSign including the SharePoint integration. The user friendliness and the extensive functionalities of the platform made the difference.
The digital signature will be used in all departments where (legally valid) signatures are required. Documents as purchasing, business and HR related agreements will be digitally signed. The secretariat is enthusiastic and the first experiences are very positive. This will give Primera a lot of spending advantage.”

We are pleased to support Primera in their digital signing journey.

Tilburg University signs digitally with ValidSign through SAP SuccessFactors

Tilburg University signs digitally with ValidSign through SAP SuccessFactors

eSigning at TIlburg University

Serving society and making it better for citizens. That’s what drives Tilburg University. The founder of the university, Martinus Cobbenhagen, believed that anyone who wants to understand society should be actively and consciously involved. This philosophy still forms the basis for the organization.

Tilburg University is originally a Catholic university located in Tilburg. As one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands, it will celebrate its 95th anniversary next year.

With 19,334 students and more than 1,500 employees, a huge number of internal and external documents are signed, and fortunately a large number of these documents have been digitally signed with validsign’s digital signature since the beginning of 2019.


Tilburg University ended up at ValidSign through their DMS supplier HuRis. HuRis is a partner of ValidSign that offers our solution integrated into SAP SuccessFactors to customers. In this way, Tilburg University digitizes the entire signing process from generation of a document to storage in the HR portal.

The reason for adjusting the digital signature was efficiency of HR processes. Maurice Driessen, Project & Information Manager at Tilburg University: “Previously, signing an employment contract or parental leave letter could take days. Almost all HR documents must be legally signed by our directors and/or (future) employees. These signatories are often not present in the same place at the same time. For this reason, the documents were often moved from signer to signer by post or courier. With ValidSign you sign place and time independently, so that this is now arranged within a few minutes.”


GDPR technically, the digital signature also offers a solution. With ValidSign, the security around the signing process and personal data is perfectly guaranteed. Driessen says: “By adding multi-factor authentication to the signing request, the identity of the signer is extra checked and one knows for sure who is signing and the personal data is better protected. The full audit trail can also be seen in the summary, which is made available in ValidSign immediately after the signing.”

At the moment, all HR documents that require a legally valid signature are digitally signed with the ValidSign solution. This is about 7000 documents on an annual basis.


“ValidSign also ensures better control of document flows. In the dashboard of the platform, all signatures including the status can be found. As a result, we have to turn off fewer actions to find out where the document to be signed is located. And if a signature is delayed, a reminder will be sent out after a few days with another request to sign the document,” says Driessen.

User friendly

Digital signing is indispensable for the future within Tilburg University. End users are very satisfied with validsign’s solution. According to Driessen, “colleagues experience the platform as user-friendly. The integration with SAP SuccesFactors ensures a completely streamlined signing process, from document generation, to multiple signing and automated storage in the file.”