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Java Developer

Java Developer

Do you enjoy learning and staying up to date with the latest IT developments? You appreciate a relaxed work environment in a small and well-structured team? You have a passion for developing SAAS solutions? Then we have the perfect challenge for you!

Together with your colleagues within the JAVA development team, you will provide the best cloud-based solution for one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

Job Description

As a Java Developer at ValidSign you are, together with your colleagues, responsible for the technical development of our software solution. You build new functionalities, but also maintain the existing systems. You work closely with the Scrum master and other team members to ensure seamless collaboration between the systems, but also work on developing the authentication and authorization systems, document solutions and integrations with government systems. With that said, you will receive plenty of responsibility and play an important part in the development of our application!

The ValidSign (Development) Team

The development team currently consists of 7 developers, 3 of whom are located in Ukraine. It’s a fast-growing organization, and we expect to expand the development team to approximately 15 employees in 2023. The team spirit is an important part of ValidSign’s culture, which is reflected in the activities that are organized regularly, including monthly drinks and the Friday fries!

In addition, we have a ping-pong table, dartboard and Xbox available for you to enjoy with your colleagues in between work.

What we expect from you:

• Minimum 4 years of professional Java Software Development experience

• Experience with Spring Boot

• Clean coding and automated testing is preferred

• Experience working in Agile and DevOps environments

• Experience with microservices architectures is a plus

• Experience with Docker and Kubernetes is a plus

• Experience setting up continuous integration and delivery pipeline is a plus

What we offer:

• An incredibly fun team

• A great working environment in our paperless office in Eefde (close to Deventer)

• Plenty of development opportunities and responsibilities with room for personal input

• A good salary and vacation benefits

• Pension contribution

Company profile

ValidSign is an innovative and fast-growing organization specialized in e-signatures and document security. With a user-friendly and secure cloud solution, ValidSign makes it possible to digitally sign documents efficiently and securely. ValidSign is the Dutch market leader and works together with many well-known customers from different industries, including government, finance, business services and healthcare.

Document security 101: essential tips for your business

Document security 101: essential tips for your business

6 ways of boosting your document security

With the digitalization of today’s businesses, the methods of communication and sharing information have changed rapidly, and we find ourselves with many digital options, which has made our life easier in many ways.

But it has also made us vulnerable to threats and data breaches, and for organizations it has become vital to know and follow the best practices when it comes to document and data security.

We are therefore sharing our 6 tips on how to increase your document security within your office:

1. Keep your documents digital

This might be obvious, but having your documents digital brings you a considerable number of security benefits. You can, for example, set passwords and permissions, so only the right authorized person can access the documents.

Digital documents can also easily be tracked as they keep detailed logs of who has accessed them and when, which can be useful for compliance and auditing purposes.

2. Keep safe backups

Keeping safe backups of your documents can protect against data loss due to hardware and software crashes, but also, in case of disaster recovery such as a fire or other types of unexpected events. This can help ensure that you do not lose valuable information or files but also help you restore your data quickly and minimize downtime.

Some industries even have regulations that require businesses to keep backups of certain data. So is you are functioning within one of these industries, keeping backups of your documents can also ensure that you follow these regulations.

3. Keep the storage local

Since the introduction of the GDPR, it has become important to know where your data is stored as there are regional differences in government laws and data protection laws.

By storing your data within the European Union, you can ensure that it is subject to the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction. This can provide added security and protection against data breaches or unauthorized access.

4. Train your employees

Many security incidents are caused by human error, such as employees falling for phishing scams, sharing passwords, or inadvertently disclosing sensitive information. This means that your employees are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your organization’s data.

By training your employees on how to recognize threats and avoiding making these types of mistakes, you can help reduce the risk of a security breach.

5. Keep inventory of your devices

Keeping an inventory of your devices is a critical step in maintaining the security of your data and protecting your organization’s assets. It allows you to track and manage your organization’s devices, including the location, condition, and software versions of each device. This allows you to recognize and assess risks, but also to take proactive action to minimize them.
Like within breach, you can quickly identify which devices may have been affected and take appropriate action.

It is also useful for compliance reasons, as it allows you to keep track of who has access to the device and the possibility of providing a record of access for auditing purposes.

6. Protect against document tampering by using electronic signatures

Using an e-signature to sign your documents will lower the risk of document tampering as it uses cryptographic certificates that shows if the document is in its original state or not.

When using an e-signature solution, you ensure that the document that was sent for signing is the one that was actually signed, and no changes were made to it. This could easily be done when sending a regular digital document for manual signing.

What is an electronic signature?

An e-signature is a digital version of a traditional signature that is used to sign digital documents. It is a way of verifying that the person signing the document is who they say they are and that the document has not been tampered with.

There are three different types of e-signatures: the Simple Signature, the Advanced and the Qualified. E-signature solutions like ValidSign are using the two later ones, as they provide higher levels of security.

The Advanced Signatures are like handwritten signatures, unique to each signer. An e-signature provider then follows a specific protocol called PKI, and this protocol requires the provider to use a mathematical algorithm to generate two series of numbers, called keys.

When a person signs a document with this technology, the signature is created using the signers key, which is being kept securely by the signer in the system. The mathematical algorithm acts like a cipher, creating data matching the signed document, called a hash and then encrypting that data. If any changes are made to the document, the hash will change, alerting you to the fact that the document has been altered with.

The resulting encrypted data is the digital signature.

What makes the document legally binding?

Whether a signature is made on paper or digitally, there are three key requirements that the signature needs to comply with: intent, identity, and integrity.


This is the most fundamental aspect of the signing. The signer must intend to sign the document, which means they must understand its content and be bound by it. This is demonstrated by the internal audit trials: as the signature process is recorded and saved. This shows the signer’s intent as well as the time and date of the signature.


The signature set must be by the person that is intended to sign. This can be proven by using the person’s email address, a certificate, SMS, eID or other types of tools to authenticate the signatory’s identity.


The signature must be linked to the document in such a way that it cannot be separated from, or tampered with, without it being known. This is achieved using encryption and hashing, which creates a tamper-evident seal on the document.

Secure your documents with ValidSign’s e-signing solution

Through our standard integrations, the e-sigining solution can be easily integrated with your current business systems. With the mobile app, you can control the process and sign from anywhere and at any time!

It’s a fully cloud-based solution with a user-friendly interface, where you can profit from features like flexible workflows, audit trails, branded templates, and server possibilities.

Security is our highest priority, and by using the Netherlands most trusted data center, KPN hosting, we can ensure our clients that ValidSign complies with all current and new European data protection regulations through strict security and procedures.

Want to know more about how ValidSign’s e-signing solution can be implemented in your organization’s workflow?

Contact our sales department on: sales@validsign.eu/ +31(0)85303 3676 or sign up here for a free demo and introduction meeting!


Fast track your quotes: proven strategies for faster signatures

Fast track your quotes: proven strategies for faster signatures

5 simple tips for how to get your quotes signed faster

As you might know, businesses that manage to have above average customer service profits from a higher overall yearly revenue.
There is no do-over for a first impression, so it’s therefore important that your business provides high customer service from the get-go, including in the early stages of the sales process where the prospect is not yet a customer. 

When a potential customer has requested a quote from you, he will get a taste of how your company works. If the process takes too long, and it’s complicated, he might think twice about signing!

It’s therefore important to streamline and make your quoting process more efficient by removing known bottlenecks and move towards a more automated workflow.

The quoting process in short

The quoting process is a part of most sales funnels and is the final step before the prospect becomes a customer. How the quote is prepared varies between companies, and different clients might require different information or details.

Be aware that by having a quote process where there is a lot of back-and-forth communication, mistakes, or clarification needed, could lead to a potential conflict in the prospect’s expectations.

And once frustration and delays have emerged, it could possibly cost you the deal!

So, avoid losing the deal by having your quotes signed faster with these 5 tips:

1. Provide all necessary documentation and information

Questions always cause delays, this is why it’s important to make sure that all the potential questions have been answered prior to sending the quote and that all the necessary documents and information are included with the quote. This way, you eliminate the number of actions that the prospect must take in order to finally sign the quote.

2. Set a tight deadline

Without sounding too harsh, setting concrete and tight deadlines is an important factor for a fast signing process. Make sure that you and the prospect are on the same page regarding expectations and make sure to follow up on these deadlines.

3. Identify the decision maker is

To speed up the process, it’s crucial to know who will be finally signing the quote. By involving the decision maker early in the process, you can guarantee that your quote will be handled faster, instead of having the middleman pushing it through.

4. Timing is everything

Timing plays a crucial role in the sales process, together with understanding the prospect’s needs and situation. Make sure to ask the right questions and try to find out what important actions and events are planned that concern them, in order to determine the right timing.

It can be as simple as knowing that their high season is approaching, and they would need to close the deal prior to this, or it would be interesting for after. This helps you to set clear expectations, but also fto plan your time better.

5. Automize the process through an e-signing solution

Assuming that you have taken into account the above-mentioned four points, using an e-signing is a must when it comes to getting contracts and quotes signed quickly. Because the easier you make it for the signer, the more likely it is that that person will sign!

Why having an e-signing solution will get your quote signed faster

Speeds up delivery process

Not only is it easy to upload and send documents for signature, but there are also additional features that can save you even more time and effort. Like a template feature where you can create a standard process for sending your quotes, you can also use the team management feature where you can set a signing order, if there are multiple approvals needed.

Reduces human errors

When too many people are working on the quote or there are too many steps involved, the risk of human error increases. With a digital signing platform, you can standardize the process and make the road for sending the quote a lot easier and shorter.

Improves follow up and status tracking

Through the online platform, you can see the direct status of your quote. You can set automatic reminders to be sent in a special order to stimulate a faster signing process.
Still not signed? Then there is a possibility of contacting the prospect directly and clear up any potential questions he might have. This will improve the chance of getting your quote signed.

Enables the possibility of attaching multiple documents and information

With the digital platform, you can make sure to include all the necessary documents and information straight away, for the prospect to be able to make his decision easier. This will decrease the timeline by eliminating any potential questions that could easily been avoided.

Ensures the right person can sign

There might be scenarios where the decision maker is not able to sign. Then the signing authority can be delegated to whomever is decided or authorized to sign within the organization. There is also a possibility of using a mobile app and sign from wherever whenever, if access to a computer is the issue.

Digitalize the signing process with ValidSign’s e-signing solution

Through standard integrations, the solution can easily be integrated with your current CRM system and together with our mobile app, you can control your quotes and sign from anywhere and at any time!

With our user-friendly, fully cloud-based solution, you will profit from features like flexible workflows, audit trails, branded templates, and server possibilities.

Security is our priority, and you can rest assured that your data and information is secured with us! By using the Netherlands most trusted data center, KPN hosting, we can ensure you that we comply with all current and new European data protection regulations through strict security and procedures.

Want to know more about how ValidSign’s e-signing solution can be implemented in your business CRM workflow?

Contact sales@validsign.eu/+31(0)85303 3676 or sign up here for a free demo and introduction meeting!  

The future of HR: how digital solutions are changing the game

The future of HR: how digital solutions are changing the game

The 5 reasons why you should digitalize your HR processes today!

Today’s hybrid workplaces, home offices, and the increasing need for being more efficient, have driven the last year’s developments within the HR department. 

The need for digitalizing internal processes and workflows, most importantly within the HR department, has increased during and after the pandemic. 

The demand and expectations on the HR department has never been as high as it is today.

Digital transformation is therefore a must for each organization, to streamline the processes and create an efficient workplace where valuable time is freed up for dealing with more strategic tasks but also for investing in employee wellbeing and growth.

The importance of digital transformation within the HR department

The HR department is the heart of an organization, while you need to look after the organization’s goals and needs, you need to balance these with the ones of its employees. Stimulated and happy employees produce better results, but also attracts like-minded talent to the business.

There is therefore a need for focusing more time on strategizing and recruiting, but also developing and keeping your current employees satisfied. By digitalizing tedious tasks and paperwork, you will free up important time that can be invested in just that.

Keeping in mind a growing younger workforce that is increasingly technology driven and in search for freedom and flexibility, it has become a must for each business to drive digital transformation to be able to attract and keep this younger talent.

At the same time, you are also creating a scalable business where the internal workflow can fit and grow with the demand of the growing business.

So, digitalize your HR processes today! Here are the 5 reasons why:

1. Improves efficiency and enables a hybrid working environment 

When replacing mostly inefficient manual processes and document handling with digital ones, the greatest return on investment will be time and flexibility. Time to work on more important tasks and priorities, and the flexibility to do it from your home office when you want or need.
Employees can easily and securely access, and submit documents, fill in forms and sign off on approvals. Studies has shown that incorporating for example a digital signing solution can improve document turnaround time by up to 80%!

2. Reduces human errors and delays

We are only humans, right? Meaning that we all make mistakes, and with the growing amount of work and deadlines that all employees experience, we all run the risk of making mistakes or overlooking certain aspect of the job.

Manual paperwork and documentation can also lead to delays in regular processes as reminders are either non existing or also manual. So having for example a document signed can take weeks depending on the availability of the persons involved. By digitalizing your processes, you can automate and create reminders, follow-ups and other time saving initiatives that will shorten delays and minimize the human error.

3. Saves you money

Digitalizing your processes and documentation will save you money on supplies that is usually connected to paperwork, like paper, ink and other general office supplies.

You will also save money in connection to storing the documents, you would need both space and capacity for the growing amount of paperwork.
And don’t forget that time is money! Digitalizing your processes will save you time that can be better utilized on tasks that will support company growth.

4. Improves document security and compliance

Having your HR documents processed through a safe and secure digital platform, instead of physical documents circulating in the office or on the street, will improve compliance across the board. In addition to the possibility of having your brand reputation hurt, noncompliance is proven to increase the risk of threats like cyber-attacks and other similar data breaches. By digitalizing the document process with a cloud-based solution is critical for safekeeping sensitive information and ensure your organization’s continuity.

5. Boosts employee morale and growth

By digitalizing your processes, your HR department will get more time to focus on what is important for the growth of the business, the wellbeing of the employees! The department will have time for development meetings, trainings, and recruitment of new personnel, which is essential for the future success of the business.

For employees to have their voice heard and getting the training they want but also need, will increase their satisfaction and morale, that will in turn also attract new talent to join the team!

Digitalize the signing process with ValidSign’s e-signing solution

Daily tedious tasks like processing paperwork, waiting for signatures, and completing forms is not only time-consuming but also frustrating.

Processes like onboarding and contract management can be digitalized by incorporating an e-signing solution in your current workflow, keeping all the documentation digital throughout the process.

Through our standard integrations, the e-sigining solution can be easily integrated with your current HR system. With the mobile app, you can control the process and sign from anywhere and at any time!

It’s a fully cloud-based solution with a user-friendly interface, where you can profit from features like flexible workflows, audit trails, branded templates, and server possibilities.

Security is our highest priority, and by using the Netherlands most trusted data center, KPN hosting, we can ensure our clients that ValidSign complies with all current and new European data protection regulations through strict security and procedures.

Want to know more about how ValidSign’s e-signing solution can be implemented in your organization’s HR workflow?

Contact our sales department on: sales@validsign.eu/ +31(0)85303 3676 or sign up here for a free demo and introduction meeting!

Secure digital signing? Yes We Can!

Secure digital signing? Yes We Can!

Yes We Can Clinics is a youth clinic for young people aged 13 to 23 with mental health problems, addictions and/or behavioural problems. The professionals working for YWCC help young people and their parents get their lives back on track.

Yes We Can Clinics has both a national and international clinic. The international healthcare clinic has been around for about two years now and started digital signing with ValidSign. Safety is of paramount importance at Yes We Can Clinics.

ValidSign provides this assurance: documents can be safely offered digitally for signature.

“For Yes We Can Clinics, there is the need for validsign to sign place and time independently”

Place and time independence

Digital document signing is a necessity for ywcc’s international clinic. These are young people from different countries and even continents. Brigitte de Jager, Senior Policy Advisor at Yes We Can Clinics, explains: “In the international clinic there is the need for the application of ValidSign, because then we can not ask if people “come” to sign. We have international patients from Africa, Europe, Asia and South America, you name it. The digital signing of documents is done in the intake phase, i.e. before the treatment plan/treatment agreement is drawn up. In addition, in the evaluation phase, for the signing of evaluation forms. It is no longer necessary to let all persons come together to sign.
“It is very important in healthcare that you agree very well on what is going to happen and for what purpose. You also need a lot of consent statements. Permission to share statements with another health care provider. This process is very important and privacy-sensitive in healthcare. The documents are signed by the practitioner and the patient and/or the parents. This too is of course a reason to opt for ValidSign. There are several parties that have to give approvals and they don’t have to be on the spot at one point,” says Brigitte. “This can then be signed neatly in succession via ValidSign.”


In addition to place and time independence, safety is an important factor for Yes We Can Clinics. “Our target group is very sensitive to privacy and that’s why they also choose a clinic that values privacy,” says Brigitte. This is about safety in the area where they reside, but also about the safety of patient information. “Patient information is hypersensitive information. The whole life story of patients is contained in those documents and, for example, which Medication they use. With ValidSign, the documents can not only be signed legally, but also securely.”
In addition, overview also plays an important role. “The moment we have sent the documents digitally, it is easy to refer to those digital documents. We also have an electronic patient file, preferably with as little scans of paper documents as possible.”

Local and international

The employees who work with ValidSign were immediately enthusiastic after the introduction. “We really saw the possibilities for other fronts within Yes We Can Clinics.
In addition to the international branch of the organization, the HR department and the secretariat of Yes We Can Clinics already works locally mainly with ValidSign to prepare the form flow. They format the documents and manage them. Brigitte: “That is also our bet, that practitioners have as little to do with paperwork as possible. That’s not their job. The secretariat prepares it and signs the practitioner. It is crucial in such a system that it does not have to think about it for someone who has to sign.”

About the future

The use of ValidSign pays off from day one. In addition, consideration is also given to possible next steps relating to an even more efficient way of working. “The best thing would be if the Electronic Patients Dossier (EPD) and ValidSign are linked together. We did talk about the fact that documents automatically enter the system, now it all has to be stored manually. And linking address information is also useful,” says Brigitte.